ThunderSoft is committed to provide OEM/ODM, enterprises and developers with one-stop solutions from the chip layer, driver layer, operating system layer, algorithm layer to application layer, through the integration and innovation of AI 5G, IoT, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies.

Improve the local real-time environment perception, human-computer interaction and decision-making capabilities of intelligent devices.  Accelerate the process of intelligent products from prototype to mass production, including intelligent cameras, robots, AR/VR, smart wearables, and medical devices. And promote the intelligent revolution of industry, building, retail and other industries through the integrated solution of terminal, edge and cloud.

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Smart IoT Platform
Smart Modules
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C8550 SOM
Smart IoT插图3
C865 SOM
Smart IoT插图4
CT7280 SOM
Smart IoT插图5
C6490P SOM
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Development Kits
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C8550 Development Kit
Thundercomm TurboX C8550 Development Kit is a high performance Development Kit which is powered by next Gen Flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ QCS8550 processor.
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Qualcomm® Robotics RB6 Platform
Delivering power-efficient, advanced edge-AI computing and video processing performance with 5G connectivity for autonomous robotics.
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W5+ development kit
TurboX W5+ development kit is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest generation W5+ wearable platform. The main chip adopts 4nm process technology and supports dual-core/dual-system design
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Smart Device Solutions
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Based on high-performance chipset platform, it provides key technologies such as smart modules, reference designs, operating systems, 6DOF tracking, and low-latency display for VR and AR devices.

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A variety of smart modules (SOM), complete development boards, together with operating systems and sensor fusion algorithms, help create smart wearables for sports, health and children applications.

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It includes a variety of smart modules (SOMs), operating systems, development kits and services to provide fast and cost-effective innovative solutions for users in related industries and robot manufacturers.

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Smart Camera

Provide smart modules, operating systems, standard SDK/API interface layers and algorithms to meet the needs of cameras in different forms and scenarios.

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Smart Speaker

It supports multi-microphone arrays, FHD display and touch functions, and integrates Amazon Alexa voice service, Google Assistant and DuerOS.

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Handheld Terminal

It is compatible with scanners, multi-screens, dual batteries, card readers and other special devices. Integrates with general chip platforms and operating systems to provide handheld terminals new solutions with AI processing, 5G and application expansion.

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Video Conference and Live Broadcast

The end-to-end service includes smart modules, operating system customization, sound quality optimization, video processing, algorithm, testing, and cloud services.

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Arm Server

2U chassis can supports 180-300 virtual Android phones, meet application scenarios with different performance requirements such as cloud gaming, cloud office, and cloud live broadcasting. Supports plug and play, data protection and dynamic expansion.

Smart Industry
Edge AI Station
EB2 Edge AI Station
1.7 TOPS, high cost-effective
EB3 Gen2 Edge AI Station
ultra-low power consumption, easy to deploy
EB5 Edge AI Station
multi-cloud link, 15TOPS hash rate
EB6 Edge AI Station
15TOPS, which can be extended to 70TOPS
AI Platform
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IOT Harbor

As an IoT PaaS platform, it can reduce the burden and cost of developing, managing, and maintaining enterprise-level IoT solutions.

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Model Farm

AI development platform with low threshold, low-code, low data requirements, semi-automatic labeling, high-precision quantification.

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Algorithm Store

it can perform unified software/firmware and application management for massive and various IoT devices, and provide full lifecycle maintenance for enterprise’s computing assets.

Cloud + Platform
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it can perform unified software/firmware and application management for massive and various IoT devices, and provide full lifecycle maintenance for enterprise’s computing assets.

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As an IoT PaaS platform, it can reduce the burden and cost of developing, managing, and maintaining enterprise-level IoT solutions.

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Multi-Cloud Management

AI development platform with low threshold, low-code, low data requirements, semi-automatic labeling, high-precision quantification.

Smart Solutions
Smart IoT插图33 Intelligent Industrial Solution
Smart IoT插图34 Smart Building/Park Solution
Smart IoT插图35 Safety-in-Production Solution
Smart IoT插图36 Holographic Intersection Solution
Smart IoT插图37 Smart Electricity Monitoring Solution
Smart IoT插图38 Smart Petrol Station Solution
Smart IoT插图39 Bright Kitchen Solution
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Provides the one stop solutions of the artificial intelligence vision for the global customers.
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Create a healthy, low-carbon and intelligent office environment with powerful edge computing technology.
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Provide safety compliance monitoring based on intelligent vision for buildings, mines and industrial parks.
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Provides high-precision and low-latency real-time road information services at urban intersections to improve driving safety and ensure pedestrian safety.
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Edge Computing Integrated Platform Empowers Digital Transformation in Electricity Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection.
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Intelligent video monitoring of petrol stations to ensure the safety of filling petrol.
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Intelligent monitoring of bright kitchens to empower food safety supervision.
Core Technolog

Large models ignite the revolution in intelligent hardware

While there are numerous intelligent hardware solutions, ThunderSoft stands out as a unique player. Today, with the introduction of the RUBIK large model series by ThunderSoft, the advancement of hardware intelligence is further accelerated.
The Rubik large model series from ThunderSoft is seamlessly integrating with a wide range of intelligent hardware products, continuously enhancing the level of intelligence in these products. This initiative aligns with the "Smart To Intelligent" strategic upgrade, actively empowering the innovation and transformation of intelligent hardware products.

Edge AI Development Platform

ThunderSoft's Edge AI Development Platform is equipped with Rubik large model, which not only enables smooth multilingual natural language conversations but also achieves ultra-low latency for real-time responses. It supports zero-adaptation applications for over 30 algorithms, all of which have been thoroughly tested in both laboratory and field environments, boasting industry-leading recognition accuracy. The platform can also quickly integrate over 100 domain-specific algorithm models trained on ModelFarm, significantly reducing the barriers to using edge AI and accelerating the implementation of edge intelligence.

AI Smart Vision

Built on the foundation of ThunderSoft OS and AI technology, this device-cloud integrated platform is deeply optimized and adapted for industrial vision scenarios. With minimal sample images, it rapidly completes training, validation, and deployment, enabling swift and precise identification of various complex defects. Validated across multiple industries and production lines, our platform achieves a false positive rate of less than 1.5% and a false negative rate of 0, far surpassing the detection capabilities of traditional machine vision. This platform effectively aids manufacturing companies in reducing workload by 75% and increasing production capacity by 35 times.
Success Stories
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French fashion house and luxury goods company, Louis Vuitton, has released its newest portable speaker, the Horizon Light Up Speaker.The product has both fashionable design and melodious sound quality, and can be connected with the mobile phone through the LV Connect application to play the user's favorite music anytime and anywhere. The light on the speaker can also follow the music rhythm or be customized by the user.

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Tambour Horizon Light Up, the world's most creative connected watch, was crafted with the aim of creating an unforgettable user experience. With a uniquely disruptive design, the watch sports a sapphire glass adorned by 24 LED lights, creating a mesmerising glow-in-the-dark animation. Featuring built-in watch faces that echo the House's timeless design codes as well as endless customisation possibilities, Tambour Horizon Light Up can be moulded to the preferences of its owner.

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The Cadothy Valor is a new product that revolutionizes the smart live broadcast equipment industry, creating your exclusive interactive live broadcast TV station.” Zhang Wu, product manager of Cadothy technology, said that unlike the previous live broadcast equipment, the Cadothy all-in-one machine integrated broadcasting station, computer, camera, monitor, teleprompter, speaker, sound card, and microphone together. Through technological innovation, based on high-tech such as 5G, streaming media, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, it brings a cool live broadcast experience to the world. Cadothy hopes to empower the era of live broadcasting through powerful AI algorithms, helping companies and brands reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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ThinkReality A3 AR glasses are powered by the Android-based ThunderSoft XR1 platform, which is customized and optimized for the Android system, which can greatly reduce the startup speed, operating memory and power consumption. ThinkReality A3 is a modular design, by connecting with a laptop or smartphone, create a secure temporary workspace anytime, anywhere, enjoying the flexibility and convenience of five virtual monitors. ThinkReality A3 AR glasses can manage emails, conference calls and store multiple files simultaneously on a mobile phone or workstation, workflow guidance and training, and support frontline workers in production.

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Orinstar AI Robot Greeting series include AI Robot Greeting, AI Robot Greeting Mini, AI Robot Greeting DP. As an intelligent reception service robot, AI Robot Greeting has been used in more than 20 industry scenarios, changing people's lives. AI Robot Greeting intelligent robot supports users to customize personalized scenes. AI Robot Greeting has a number of technological innovations.

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Poly Studio P15 video bar. Exceptional optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing, and cutting-edge noise blocking tech give you freedom to move and command the conversation. The sleek bar is simple to set up and Poly Lens gives IT the tools to keep it all smooth and stress free.

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A personalized collaboration experience at any desk. Walk-in to any hot desk highlighted as available, authenticate wirelessly, chose the booking duration, and enjoy premium video meetings wherever you work.

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