Product Overview

NIO adopts Qualcomm’s third-generation digital cockpit computing platform SA8155P, which integrates 5G, UWB, WIFI6 and V2X, and has comprehensively improved computing power, graphics processing, and multimedia processing capabilities. Equipped with a 12.8-inch AMOLED central control screen, and equipped HUD as standard

The 360 Surround view monitor has high image quality. The display area is divided into three parts. The right side of the lower half is the overlooking angle of view, clearly shows what circumstances around the car. The left side of the lower half is a control area for selecting angle of views. The detailed image of the corresponding location will be displayed in the upper part of the image. The design is meticulous and humanized, brings convenience for drivers.

NIO Surround View Monitoring插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
NIO Surround View Monitoring插图2
  • AVM Solutions
  • Driver/Middleware
  • Image algorithm development/tuning

ThunderSoft and NIO worked closely to provide a surround view solution, which integrates industry-leading 2D/3D environmental image stitching technology and visual perception algorithms, provide guarantees for safety of intelligent driving

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