Operating systems provide hardware virtualization and create the runtime environment for applications. They hold a central position in the industry, bridging every link in the intelligent industry. As intelligent applications diversify, the connections between various segments of the intelligent industry become even tighter. Collaborative innovation between underlying hardware and upper-layer applications has become the mainstream approach.

In this model, the innovation of underlying hardware requires the support of operating systems to empower upper-layer applications. Similarly, the innovation of upper-layer applications relies on the foundational computational power accessed through operating systems. Thus, operating systems act as a bridge connecting underlying hardware and upper-layer applications, becoming a core infrastructure that sustains the development of the entire intelligent industry.
Given the pivotal role of operating systems in this ecosystem, we, as providers of smart operating system products and technologies, need to engage with partners across various segments of the industry. This collaborative effort is essential to drive ecosystem development and achieve synergistic innovation in the intelligent industry. At present, we have established an extensive and comprehensive ecosystem network, cultivating strong strategic partnerships with chip manufacturers, cloud providers, and other business partners.

Operating System
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Operating system kernel

The operating system is the foundation of smart devices and services, and the kernel is the backbone of the operating system. Through the analysis, tuning and verification of the kernel code, the general operating system can release performance and improve stability for various special fields such as automobiles, Internet of Things terminals, wearable devices, and edge boxes.

  • Unified frequency tuning of processes
  • RTG Scheduling/Frame Scheduling
  • Memory Quick Kill Solution
  • VIP Scheduling/Queue Jumping
  • Precise memory read-ahead
  • IO control
  • Frontend Binder priority processing
  • Memory fusion management
  • TCP network downlink optimization
  • boost_kill tied large core
  • ION pre-allocation
  • Limit network speed for background apps
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OS optimization

The operating system not only provides low-level functions, but also has a large number of services for applications, including HAL, permissions, middleware, etc. In different application environments, there are different functional performance requirements. Thundersoft continues to optimize Linux, Android and other operating systems, including drivers, security, power consumption, multimedia, network, etc., so that they can play the best role in various terminals.

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Unified frequency tuning of processes
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Low Power Technology
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System/Camera Quick Start
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Graphics, multimedia performance optimization
Industry Ecosystem
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Chip Ecology
The pivotal role of operating systems in the intelligent industry establishes a relationship that goes beyond a mere "supplier-customer" dynamic with our upstream and downstream partners. Instead, it fosters a highly integrated strategic partnership where all parties collaborate to build and expand the ecosystem network of operating systems, all while embracing an ecosystem mindset to serve the entire industry. Our technological prowess, talented workforce, and global advantages attract chip manufacturers to join us in co-building the "chip + operating system" ecosystem. This ecosystem advantage further attracts a wider customer base, resulting in increased value for the industry's technology and expanding our global customer reach. We have always been committed to collaborating with outstanding industry partners, leveraging the neutrality and openness inherent to an operating system provider to create a meshed ecosystem. Our strategic partnerships with chip manufacturers are reflected in synchronized product development, jointly establishing industry standards, shared customer acquisition efforts, collective involvement in industry investments, and mutual definition of future ecosystems. This comprehensive strategic collaboration strengthens the "chip + operating system" ecosystem, enabling us to proactively address customer needs, understand market trends, and consistently seize opportunities ahead of competitors.
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Colud Ecology
With the advancements in technologies such as 5G and AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in a new era of transformation in both production and daily life. As we construct a globally leading integrated device-edge-cloud operating system platform for IoT, cloud service providers play a pivotal role in our ecosystem partnership landscape. Therefore, by deepening our collaboration with cloud service providers, we aim to offer customers comprehensive device-edge-cloud solutions encompassing core computing modules, operating systems, algorithms, and more. This approach will provide intelligent hardware companies and industry clients with industrial platforms and customized cloud technology services, co-creating diverse solutions and differentiated value. We have established close partnerships with leading cloud service providers in the market, securing official certifications from prominent providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and others. These partnerships enable us to assist enterprise customers in efficiently managing their data resources, conducting analysis and processing, and ultimately unlocking the value of data and empowering business operations. Through collaboration within the cloud service ecosystem, we persistently craft integrated software and hardware solutions that drive our customers' business growth.
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