ThunderSoft is comprehensively laying out next-generation operating system products and technologies, driving the innovation and transformation of operating system technology, and continuously expanding the sustainable extension of spatial computing and technology

Vehicle OS

The current electronic and electrical architecture of smart vehicles is undergoing rapid transformation. It is evolving from traditional distributed systems into domain-integrated systems and is further progressing towards a central computing architecture. Chip manufacturers like Qualcomm and NVIDIA have announced high-performance chips that support integrated cabin and driving systems, providing a solid foundation for the realization of central computing architecture.

At the same time, the central computing architecture places higher demands on the operating system, including resource sharing and isolation, data sharing, computational scalability, functional safety, information security, and real-time reliable communication. Developing a new generation of vehicle operating systems capable of supporting central computing has become crucial.

In response to the requirements of the next-generation vehicle operating system, ThunderSoft is focusing on user experience, strengthening the core operating system foundation, and integrating a comprehensive range of leading OS products and technical advantages from the cabin to the driving experience, to heavily invest in the research and development of vehicle operating systems and cabin-integrated high-performance computing products, aiming to create a globally applicable, neutral, highly reliable, and ecosystem-rich vehicle operating system.

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Next Generation IoT OS - OSWare

The next generation IoT operating system developed by ThunderSoft – OSWare, boasts excellent platform compatibility. It includes a rich set of product components for IoT, edge computing, AI, security, and more. It can continuously meet the rapidly evolving demands of the intelligent IoT industry.

The OSWare operating system helps customers achieve cross-environment standardization and expedite the development of edge-native and distributed applications, thereby reducing the time-to-market of intelligent products. Additionally, we offer end-to-end solutions for vertical industries such as smart home, retail, smart building, industrial automation, transportation, healthcare, and power. By building intelligent systems, we assist enterprises in completing their digital transformations, reducing costs, increasing agility, and accelerating innovation.

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