Currently, the EE architecture of intelligent vehicles is undergoing rapid transformation. It is shifting from traditional distributed development to domain-integrated, and further progressing towards central computing architecture. Central computing requires an operating system that can support both the strong real-time, high reliability, and high functional safety demanded by intelligent driving, as well as the multi-modal human-machine interaction and rich application ecosystem required by intelligent cockpit. This introduces unprecedented complexity and challenges to the foundational software of intelligent vehicles. Developing a new generation of whole-vehicle operating systems that can support central computing has become crucial.
Recently, chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm and NVIDIA have announced the launch of high-computing power chips that support central computing and cockpit integration. This provides a solid foundation for realizing the central computing architecture.
In response to the requirements of the new generation of whole-vehicle operating systems, ThunderSoft is integrating its comprehensive OS products and technological advantages from cockpit to driving. It is heavily investing in the research and development of whole-vehicle operating systems and cockpit-integrated high-performance computing (HPC) products. The company is committed to creating a globally-oriented, neutral, highly reliable, and ecologically rich whole-vehicle operating system. This includes virtualization and containerization, real-time middleware, full-stack SOA middleware, 3D UI engines, vehicle-cloud integration, and efficient and user-friendly development and testing toolchains. The company is also deeply optimizing for the new generation of high-computing power chips for cockpit integration, assisting automakers in building central computing architecture. Simultaneously, the company offers the ThunderHPC domain controller, which combines “Intelligent Cockpit + Intelligent Driving + Intelligent Parking,” enhancing its competitiveness in the era of central computing.
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Product & Solution

We provide a neutral, open, and stable whole-vehicle operating system, maTTrans, which includes foundational software such as AutoSAR and containerization, a full-stack SOA middleware (comprising atomic services, general business components, intelligent driving components, cabin business components, vehicle-cloud integrated application framework, etc.), communication protocol stacks like SomeIP, and a complementary efficient and user-friendly development and testing toolchain. maTTrans supports cockpit-integrated high-performance computing (HPC) and is also compatible with existing domain-integrated architectures.
Furthermore, we offer the ThunderHPC controller, a unified HPC solution encompassing “Intelligent Cockpit + Intelligent Driving + Intelligent Parking.” Leveraging our accumulated expertise in intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving domains, we integrate algorithms from algorithm vendors into ThunderHPC, providing automakers with a cost-effective three-in-one HPC solution.
A cross-OS standard
The platform supports the mainstream vehicle-mounted OS, including QNX. Linux and Android, and has brokenthrough the service communication among each heterogeneous system, including Android.
A cross-equipment standard platform
A set of cross-domain and cross-system equipment development SDK is provided to break through the service communication among each equipment so that every Smart peripheral device can thoroughly achieve "plug-and-play", thus making the construction of Smart peripheral ecological group possible.
A standard platform supporting car cloud integration
The cloud platform can integrate the cloud terminal service through DW integration to ensure bidirectional dynamic service invocation with the car terminal integrating DW and achieve the integration of cloud-pipe-device and car cloud.
An easy-to-use standard platform
ServiceBase class is provided so that developers can rapidly generate framework code and start the research and development of valuable software IP, greatly saving time and labor cost.
EVSec Whole Lifecycle Network Security Management
EVSec automates archaic manual processes, enables cross-functional sharing and collaboration between teams, customers, supply chains and full digital twin capabilities. EVSec Reduce effort and cost of identifying impact of a vulnerability on your software with an automated SBOM vulnerability management using Threat Analysis information and EVSec binary analysis technology.
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