Food is of heavenly importance to the people, food safety affects everyone’s health. Currently, many kitchens have little to no digital management, lack of supervisors, and low management efficiency. They have no existing intelligent means to achieve precise supervision.


To solve the difficulty of supervising the safety and hygiene of kitchens in cafeterias and restaurants, ThunderSoft applies edge computing and AI video analysis to monitor kitchens intelligently. The solution both ensures that safety and hygiene satisfy consumers and high supervising efficiency of government regulations. When violations of SOP occur in a monitored zone, the system will automatically send a warning and keep full records to trace back to ensure supervision efficiency and accountability.

System Architecture

ThunderSoft provides an algorithm +computing power + platform integrated intelligent bright kitchen monitoring solution. The solution is integrated with the data from video monitoring of kitchens. The edge computing box performs real-time analysis. The cloud centrally manages equipment, AI algorithm, early warning, monitoring, and visualization and can be integrated with enterprise’s business platforms or the government’s food safety regulation platform.

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Bright Kitchen Algorithms
Bright Kitchen Solution插图2

Chef’s clothing detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图3

Chef’s hat detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图4

Mask detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图5

Bare arms detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图6

Dustbin uncovered or overflow detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图7

Smoking detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图8

Phone call detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图9

Intrusion detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图10

Smoke and flame detection

Bright Kitchen Solution插图11

Algorithm optimized for each industry’s scenarios with high accuracy and low under-reporting rate

Bright Kitchen Solution插图12

Intelligent monitoring and real-time warning for effective closed-loop detection in kitchens

Bright Kitchen Solution插图13

Video analysis and alarm data visualizing for straightforward presentation

Bright Kitchen Solution插图14

Integration with various video streaming protocols so the existing equipment can be used to lower the cost of upgrading

Bright Kitchen Solution插图15

Standard API interface for easy integration with third-party platforms

Solution Deployment
Bright Kitchen Solution插图16
Application Scenarios
Bright Kitchen Solution插图17

Restaurant kitchens

Bright Kitchen Solution插图18

Cafeteria kitchens

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