IOT Harbor

IoT Harbor is an intelligent edge management platform that integrates device management, application upgrades, rule engine, data visualization and other capabilities.

Harbor supports intelligent video services, remote deployment of algorithm applications and edge-cloud synergy services, helping enterprises and developers to shorten the industry application development cycle.

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Tech Structure
Application Scenario
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Smart Building
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Smart Factory
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Smart Retail
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Device Access

Support popular IoT and video protocols with fast cloud connection

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Support for provisioning and management of devices with credentials management

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Device Management

Status monitoring, FOTA upgrade, APP management, and 100+ dashboard widgets

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Intelligent Video Service

Provides intelligent video services such as uploading videos to the cloud, centralized storage of video slices, alarm events, and algorithm configuration

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Flexible deployment, rich Restful APIs, and support connecting to public cloud platforms

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Intelligent Video Services

Provide services such as video management, smart alarms and algorithm management Rule EngineCustomized rule chains to control other devices, or generate notifications and alarms

Web Portal
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