Carrier Certification Solution

Telecommunication Carrier Certification Solution & Service Telecommunication Service Provider is major channel to deliver smart phone to end users. Thundersoft provides mature customization and certification solutions for OEMs.

Based on extensive experience with carriers in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America, Thundersoft carrier certification solution covers feature development, UI design, interactive operation, security and pre-installed packages to meet various carriers’ requirements. Thundersoft’s professional certification team guarantees certification granting with shortened development cycle.

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Chinese Telecommunication Carriers Japanese Telecommunication Carriers North America Telecommunication Carriers European Telecommunication Carriers Korea Telecommunication Carriers
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  • Completed implementation for CMCC requirements with validated field-test ( compliance with latest specification[2015])


  • Completed security solution

  • Integrated VoLTE/RCS solution with validated field-test

  • Turn-key Solution for target SoC

    • Feature Implementation

    • Platform Stability

    • Feature Test/Integration Test/System Test

    • Pre-CMCC Test

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  • Passed A-Level verification

  • CTA Functionality development and verification

  • Flexible customization service

  • On-Site support in Beijing / Guangzhou

  • Support library test & field test

  • Close cooperation with hundreds hot applications

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  • Support latest certification specification (CU Specification v3.0)

  • Successful cooperation with multiple famous OEMs

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