Product Overview

ThinkReality A3 AR glasses are powered by the Android-based ThunderSoft XR1 platform, which is customized and optimized for the Android system, which can greatly reduce the startup speed, operating memory and power consumption. ThinkReality A3 is a modular design, by connecting with a laptop or smartphone, create a secure temporary workspace anytime, anywhere, enjoying the flexibility and convenience of five virtual monitors. ThinkReality A3 AR glasses can manage emails, conference calls and store multiple files simultaneously on a mobile phone or workstation, workflow guidance and training, and support frontline workers in production.

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ThunderSoft Provides
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  • Basic system and driver development based on Qualcomm XR1 SDK, and connection and performance optimization
  • Optical system alignment and sensor data acquisition
  • Application porting and development
  • Mass Production Technical Support

By using ThunderSoft’s XR1 SOM and related technical services, the product is light and excellent in performance, and the development and mass production have been completed in a short period of time.

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