The intelligent driving platform solution encompasses a comprehensive technical system, including hardware, algorithms, communication middleware, intelligent driving middleware, and more. Its aim is to provide a flexible supply chain-oriented integrated solution for the automotive industry’s intelligent driving needs.
We will continue to delve into research and development in the field of intelligent driving, focusing on domain controllers, their software platforms, and vision-related components. Our goal is to offer customers a rapidly deployable open intelligent driving platform, including the production-ready intelligent driving domain controller RazorDCX and the intelligent driving software platform RazorWareX. Leveraging the stable hardware and operating system platform of the intelligent driving open platform, as well as the pre-integrated algorithm ecosystem, customers can swiftly develop intelligent driving products. In the realm of intelligent vision, we have created the SmartDrive software platform along with a comprehensive toolchain.
Looking forward, we will continue to provide intelligent driving solutions for both overseas and local Chinese markets. We will also persist in supporting the low-code development of the SmartDrive software platform and toolchain, helping customers shorten their overall development cycles and enhance user experiences.
RazorDCX Domain Controller

RazorDCX is a centralized intelligent driving decision controller that integrates environmental perception, information fusion, decision planning, and drive execution functions. It is an on-board high-performance real-time computing platform for the development and implementation of intelligent driving strategies.

  • High reliability, low power consumption embedded controller, multi-core multi-processor distributed system architecture.
Core Technology
  • Automotive-grade, mass-produced domain control software and hardware platforms that meet the highest functional safety ASIL-D;
  • Equipped with a automotive-grade, high-computing SOC processor suitable for AI deep learning;
  • A real-time middleware software platform with high-speed communication, multi-core heterogeneous, open, deterministic delay, and complete development tool chain supported by real-time Ethernet as the backbone network.
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Platform software

The autonomous driving domain controller platform software provides a variety of services for the intelligent driving application layer algorithm. A high-real-time and high-bandwidth communication backbone network is configured between each chip of the domain controller and each system at the vehicle end. The platform software fully allocates hardware computing power,shares sensor data, provides the AI algorithm operating environment, and provides a highly reliable open software platform for intelligent driving.

Six core advantages
  • Open platform, support parallel development of algorithm ecology
  • Sound platform service software
  • Heterogeneous RTE interface across chips and domains
  • Time-triggered communication backbone
  • High functional safety
  • User-friendly configuration toolchain with automatic code generation
Integrated Smart Parking

Smart parking is a multi-sensor fusion & cross domain control fusion product solution to create the ultimate experience of intelligent parking products. Using ultrasonic and visual perception fusion to provide full sceneenvironment recognition ability, and integrate it with smart cockpit to provide eye-catching HMI experience. Equipped with the latest generation of AK2 high-performance ultrasonic sensor and high dynamic range surroundcamera, it has a high parking success rate and covers multiple scenes.

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High parking success rate, supporting a variety of scenarios

Support intelligent detection of background parking space and environment of the system.

Real time planning and correction of parking routes

Multi algorithm fusion, real-time tracking and correction of parking space data, planning and updating parking routes and adjusting parking attitude.

Integrated parking

Can process a variety of line pressing scenes, judging the size of parking space through fusion algorithms, and realizing the rationality of vehicle parking.

Rich functions

Includes functions of horizontal, vertical, oblique, curve parking in and out, and front parking-in, backward reverse tracking function, etc.

Parking full scene rendering solution
Collect environmental information on maps, radar and camera during the parking process. Present the surrounding real-world environment in real-time through game-level high-quality rendering capabilities. And remind users of objects that may affect the parking process, ensuring safety and giving users an efficient and convenient parking experience.
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1、Game-level, high-quality and high-fidelity rendering capabilities, truly rebuild the 3D world, and present the real-time environment synchronously;

2、 Based on the high-performance Camera framework--VideoCat, realize cross-platform, cross-operating system, high-stability and high-performance rendering;

3、Includes the function of model pool scheduling and management, which enables high-performance dynamic loading of model testing and high frame rate rendering;

4、Support model merging function, meet APA, RPA, AVP and other parking functions, support up to 1000+ models to render simultaneously (3-floors, underground parking lot memory parking);

5、Support model memory function, realize stable model rendering output, and ensure the best user experience.

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