Product Overview

The Li Auto One is a luxury mid-size crossover PHEV SUV by Li Xiang. As of 2021 it has the second-longest electric range of any PHEV in the world. Equipped with leading PHEV and AI technology. The front row is equipped with four screens, the16.2-inch central control screen, and the 12.3-inch digital instrument screen and passenger entertainment screen on sides. There is also a 10.1-inch function control screen below. Li Auto ONE is equipped with voice recognition control system, Internet of Vehicles, active braking, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, merging assist and other common kits for drivers.

Li Auto ONE Smart Cockpit插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
Li Auto ONE Smart Cockpit插图2
  • Development support for Qualcomm 820A
  • Driver/Middleware
  • Mass Production Technical Support

By using ThunderSoft’s smart cockpit platforms and related technical services, jointly created an amazing smart cockpit and vehicle user experience

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