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Orinstar AI Robot Greeting series include AI Robot Greeting, AI Robot Greeting Mini, AI Robot Greeting DP. As an intelligent reception service robot, AI Robot Greeting has been used in more than 20 industry scenarios, changing people’s lives. AI Robot Greeting intelligent robot supports users to customize personalized scenes. AI Robot Greeting has a number of technological innovations. For example, in terms of attracting customers, the horizontal 120° face recognition allows it to actively attract customers within 10 meters. The 10.1-inch interactive screen has a built-in industry-leading 6-microphone ring array with clear radio reception, which can accurately identify customers, understand questions and give answers. The industry-leading radar scanning and fisheye camera, combined with RGBD multi-sensor fusion navigation technology, allow it to flexibly identify road conditions and easily avoid obstacles.

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ThunderSoft Provides
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  • Develop basic system, driver, and optimize 4G/WiFi connection based on Qualcomm D845 platform
  • Android cropping and optimization, stability testing
  • Interactive system R&D support (interactive screen, voice optimization)
  • Mass Production Technical Support

By using ThunderSoft’s D845 SOM, operating system and related technical services, it saves the workload of the SW development and concentrates on the business level,

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