The solution uses edge computing and AI video analysis to monitor employee and visitor behaviors, dresses, environments, and equipment status. Such monitoring can then be analyzed to warn of risks in production. In this way, it strengthens risk control in safe production and empowers traditional enterprises to quickly upgrade to digital and intelligent monitoring of safety-in-production.

System Architecture

ThunderSoft provides an integrated safety-in-production solution (algorithm+computing power+platform). On device side field data is collected by video monitoring and sensor devices. Then edge box performs real-time analysis. The cloud centrally manages equipment, AI algorithm, early warning, monitoring, and visualization.

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Safety-in-production scenario algorithms
Safety-in-Production Solution插图2

Smoke and flame detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图3

Safety helmet, reflective clothing, uniform detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图4

Intrusion detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图5

Unauthorized leave detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图6

Off-duty and sleep detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图7

Smoking detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图8

Phone call detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图9

Fall detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图10

Number of operators monitoring

Safety-in-Production Solution插图11

Algorithm optimized for each industry's scenarios with high accuracy and low under-reporting rate

Safety-in-Production Solution插图12

Intelligent monitoring and real-time warning for effective closed-loop detection

Safety-in-Production Solution插图13

Video analysis and alarm data visualizing for straightforward presentation

Safety-in-Production Solution插图14

Integration with various video streaming protocols so the existing equipment can be used to lower the cost of upgrading

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Standard API interface for easy integration with third-party platforms

Solution Deployment

• AI monitoring network deployment can choose wired or wireless deployment according to the needs, and select
• wired/wireless AI edge computing servers according to deployment needs
• Wired deployment: An on-premises Extranet environment is required Wireless deployment: 4G/5G networks can be used, without the need to deploy an extranet environment

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Application Scenarios
Safety-in-Production Solution插图17

Construction site

Safety-in-Production Solution插图18

Oil field

Safety-in-Production Solution插图19

Industrial park

Safety-in-Production Solution插图20


Safety-in-Production Solution插图21


Safety-in-Production Solution插图23

可视(基于GIS的物联网感知), 可管(园区人事物的管理和控制), 可控(趋势预测,风险可控)

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Safety-in-Production Solution插图25
Core Product
Safety-in-Production Solution插图26

EBX Edge AI Station Series

ThunderSoft EBX Edge AI Station are designed for diversified edge computing demands from varied vertical fields and scenarios, including smart industry, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart energy, smart retail. EBX series is built on high-performance and low-power AI platforms, supports deep neural network algorithms, edge-cloud synergy, and integrates multiple AI processing modules, which are convenient for development, deployment and maintenance.

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