Product Overview

The digital rearview mirror of the Audi e-tron is the world’s first mass-produced model. The rearview mirror equipped cameras with a resolution of 1280×1080 pixels. The brightness of the image can be adjusted according to the surrounding conditions and environment, and displayed on the OLED display between the instrument panel and the door in the car.

The digital rearview mirror can automatically adjust according to road conditions such as highway, turning and parking. When driving on the highway, the field of view displayed in the exterior mirrors is reduced to allow the driver to better estimate the speed of the vehicle when traveling at high speeds. When turning or changing lanes, the indicator view shows image detail on the corresponding side, reducing blind spots. When turning and parking, the field of vision will also extend downwards, which is convenient for the driver to “see the position”, and can also cooperate with warnings such as lane departure to ensure driving safety.

Audi Digital Rear-view System插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
Audi Digital Rear-view System插图2
  • Digital Rearview Mirror Solution
  • Image algorithm development/tuning
  • Image quality optimization
  • Low latency design

By using ThunderSoft’s digital rearview mirror solutions and visual algorithm support, realized high-quality real-time image in all light environments

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