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The Cadothy Valor is a new product that revolutionizes the smart live broadcast equipment industry, creating your exclusive interactive live broadcast TV station.” Zhang Wu, product manager of Cadothy technology, said that unlike the previous live broadcast equipment, the Cadothy all-in-one machine integrated broadcasting station, computer, camera, monitor, teleprompter, speaker, sound card, and microphone together. Through technological innovation, based on high-tech such as 5G, streaming media, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, it brings a cool live broadcast experience to the world. Cadothy hopes to empower the era of live broadcasting through powerful AI algorithms, helping companies and brands reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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ThunderSoft Provides
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Valor interactive live broadcast all-in-one machine is built with TurboX D845 SOM. TurboX D845 provides powerful computing power to smoothly carry out AI applications such as rendering correction, AI beauty, face tracking, and gesture recognition. At the same time, it supports multi-channel streaming and intelligent prompts.

By using ThunderSoft’s S845 SOM, customized OS, algorithm support and related technical services, The product development cycle was shortened, the expected function was realized

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