Product Overview

RoBoHoN is about 19.5 cm high and weighs about 390 grams. RoBoHoN is an innovative phone that responds to the user’s thoughts through dialogue. Users can also use the LCD screen on the back of the RoBoHoN to operate. There is a camera on the forehead of RoBoHoN, which can not only take pictures, but also perform facial recognition for log in. It take verbal instructions such as “send a text message” and “stand up”, RoBoHoN will take corresponding actions. RoBoHoN also equipped with a small projector. In addition to basic functions such as calls and text messages, RoBoHoN can also walk and dance.

Sharp RoBoHoN Smartphone Robot插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
Sharp RoBoHoN Smartphone Robot插图2
  • Operating system customization
  • Software and hardware differentiation

Through ThunderSoft’s differentiated software solutions and OS customization, realized unique product functions and stable performance, and improved time-to-market.

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