Smart building system is the digital core of building operation. It is composed of a series of intelligent sensors, intelligent edge computing gateway, IoT operating system, data analysis tools, process applications and visualization tools.


ThunderSoft intelligent building solution is based on IoT Harbor intelligent building data control system, combined with EBX series intelligent edge computing gateway with powerful computing power, as well as a variety of intelligent sensors and intelligent IoT devices, to create intelligent office environment solutions and intelligent building infrastructure control and management solutions.

System Architecture
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Application Scenarios
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Smart Office
  • Visitor management based on 2D barcode
    and face recognition
  • Contactless access control experience
  • Meeting scheduling and video conferencing
  • Flexible office and space management
    Space environment monitoring and control
    (meet the WELL standard)
  • Ticket system and administrative services
  • Service robots (greeting guests, delivering
    goods, cleaning, etc.)
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Facilities Management / Smart Property
  • Remote management and control of
    the devices
  • Fault diagnosis (FDD) and predictive
  • Equipment operation optimization
  • Event-driven automated workflows
  • Human-machine collaboration
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Smart Security
  • Personnel access control
  • Continuous personnel tracking
  • Detection of people gathering and crowding
  • Identification of personnel masks
  • Fire escape obstruction
  • Occupied common areas detection
  • Floor cleaning and left object recognition
  • Fire smoke alarm (very early warning)
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Power Management
  • Energy equipment integration and
    information collection
  • Regional energy management, household
  • Air conditioning end energy saving
  • Advanced control of chillers
Solution Features
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High Efficiency

Based on Thundercomm powerful intelligent computing power devices, automatic supervision of building equipment, space, safety and energy consumption, improve building operation efficiency, optimize the value of building assets

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Low Carbon

Using Thundercomm computing power devices and a variety of AI algorithms to optimize facility operations and reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of the building

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Adaptive space environment control, automatic adjustment of space lighting, temperature and air quality, to ensure employees can always work in a healthy environment

Core Product
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Cloud BMS Smart Building Data Control System

Thundercomm Cloud BMS makes full use of the powerful improvement brought by intelligent computing power, collects a variety of different data sources, and integrates the structured data into the intelligent building database, which can bring more intelligent building applications. The system extensively connects intelligent and non-intelligent devices. The system can also complete the whole process of intelligent building data collection, storage, modeling, analysis, visualization and data report, and can transmit data to third-party App through API interface, encapsulating it into a low-code operating platform. In terms of visualization, support for flat dashboard presentation style, as well as combined 3D/map display mode.

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Intelligent Edge Computing Gateway EB5

Edge computing is the driving force behind the development and large-scale application of smart building solutions. As the “Building Brain”, Thundercomm EB5 edge intelligent station plays the role of connection, integration and ecology. It has a strong ability of artificial intelligence and video analysis, can realize the coordinated and remote algorithm of end – side – cloud deployment and application, can construct the edge of the high availability cluster, also can realize the application of smart building, including face recognition entrance guard, visitor management, strangers alarm, intrusion detection, location tracking, license plate recognition, parking alarm, etc.

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可视(基于GIS的物联网感知),可管(园区人事物的管理和控制), 可控(趋势预测,风险可控)

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