AIoT Turnkey Platform

ATP (AIoT Turnkey Platform) is a next-generation AIoT platform designed for ISVs in the IoT industry.

Leveraging AWS IoT PaaS services, ThunderSoft provides an all-in-one intelligent IoT hub, encompassing modules, complete hardware solutions, device management, AI training, algorithm deployment, and multi-industry solutions. This empowers users to assemble solutions on-demand, enabling them to create their own industry-specific solutions in a matter of minutes.

We are dedicated to offering users a completely new experience, facilitating practical, iterative, and scenario-oriented comprehensive IoT solutions that drive the digital transformation of industry application scenarios.

Whether you’re an enterprise user or an ISV, ATP will provide you with simpler, more efficient, and intelligent IoT services, aiding you in achieving your digital transformation goals.

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Platform Value

  • Simplified: Offers industry-specific solution templates, enabling one-click creation of applications like TurboFleet for fleet management, TurboInspection for production quality control, TurboHome for home data centers, and more.

  • Intelligent: Provides a wealth of AI model algorithms that can be deployed to edge computing devices with a single click based on business requirements.

  • Flexible: Offers micro-cloud architecture (Orchestration) for modular delivery tailored to different industries, needs, and scales.

  • Comprehensive: Through a service-oriented platform technology and an intelligent solutions center, provides an all-in-one turnkey service.

  • Secure: Introduces TurboSecurity, supporting hardware-level security protection and an end-to-end comprehensive security system.

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