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Blink Smart Video Conference solution is an end-to-end solution based on Qualcomm QCS610/SDA845/QCS8250 platforms, solution including SOMs, OS customization, audio quality optimization, video processing, algorithms, testing and cloud services. With the world's leading technologies and first-class R&D resources, Blink can meet the requirements from smart video conference customers in different forms and scenarios.

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Beamforming microphone arrays
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4K ultra HD video
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Wide view field
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HDMI In and Out
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All-in-one design
  • Highly Integrated CPU/GPU/DSP/ISP
  • Mature Design
  • Small size
  • Flexible Interface
  • Customized Android / Linux
  • 7x24 Hours Run
  • High Reliability
  • Video Streaming Low Latency
  • Fast Boot
  • Hardware encryption
Algorithm & Feature
  • Video sHDR
  • UAC/UVC Device Gadget
  • Face Detection / Recognize
  • Optimized LDC& ePTZ
  • 2DNR & 3DNR
  • Motion Detecting
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party algorithm
Industry Chain
  • Camera Algo subsidiary: MMS
  • Audio partner: Airiche / DSPG
  • Partnership with SONY, OV
  • 8+ Lens/Camera Partner
  • Top level factory Partners
  • Perfect Lab for system test
Success Stories
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Poly Studio P15 video bar. Exceptional optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing, and cutting-edge noise blocking tech give you freedom to move and command the conversation. The sleek bar is simple to set up and Poly Lens gives IT the tools to keep it all smooth and stress free.

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A personalized collaboration experience at any desk. Walk-in to any hot desk highlighted as available, authenticate wirelessly, chose the booking duration, and enjoy premium video meetings wherever you work.

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The Cadothy Valor is a new product that revolutionizes the smart live broadcast equipment industry, creating your exclusive interactive live broadcast TV station.” Zhang Wu, product manager of Cadothy technology, said that unlike the previous live broadcast equipment, the Cadothy all-in-one machine integrated broadcasting station, computer, camera, monitor, teleprompter, speaker, sound card, and microphone together. Through technological innovation, based on high-tech such as 5G, streaming media, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, it brings a cool live broadcast experience to the world. Cadothy hopes to empower the era of live broadcasting through powerful AI algorithms, helping companies and brands reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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