Automatic Test Product Toolchain

Based on ThunderSoft’s AI and software/hardware core technology, help to proceed automation of function acceptance and system acceptance test process in the research and development of smart cockpit.

Overall architecture:
The cloud-to-end architecture is adopted to facilitate the achievement of remotemonitoring, centralized management, complete flow intervention and unmanned test.
Composition of toolchain:
AutoCloud, AutoRobot, mini AutoRobot, and AutoStudio.
Support automatic testing of smart cockpit, power, OTA and support private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud deployment. Provide customers with different deployment solutions and visual programming to access 140 API interfaces, covering special tests and parallel testing. Comprehensively improve cost performance, enrich product forms, and cover multiple test scenarios in offices, laboratories, and real vehicles. Automatic Testing Products插图1
Typical Application
Automatic Testing Products插图2
Automatic Testing Products插图3

Mini Automatic Test Device (Mini AutoRobot)

Applicable scenes:

Development commissioning, test acceptance and real vehicle testing.
Typical test:

FM/AM simulation, USB compatibility,power-on/power-off test, software upgrade,hardwire simulation, vehicle control, voice, etc.

Automatic Test Device (AutoRobot)

Applicable scenes:

IVI/Cluster laboratory function / system acceptance.
Typical test:

Speech recognition and awakening, black screen, navigation, Bluetooth, telephone, performance test, electricalvariable test, CAN diagnostic test, etc.

Automatic Testing Products插图4
Automatic Testing Products插图5

Automatic Test Studio

  • Support of script writing, commissioning, operation, report generation, cloud interaction, and script. management
  • Support of receiving and dispatching of CAN signal, and UDS diagnosis.
  • Support of voice recognition and picture recognition.
  • Support of various log records: Audio and video, system log, system projection screen and script operation.
  • Support of peripheral device control: Power-on/power-off, FM simulation, program-controlled power supply control, AM instrument, and USB expansion and switching.
  • Support of performance test: CPU/memory /FPS/flow rate /signal strength.

Automatic Test Cloud Platform (AutoCloud)

  • Support of user management, equipment management, defect management and assembly line management.
    Script management, task management, result management and report management.
  • Support of deployment of public cloud and private cloud.
  • Support of connection customization with the third-party system: BUG system, project management system, software release system, etc.
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