Product Overview

A personalized collaboration experience at any desk. Walk-in to any hot desk highlighted as available, authenticate wirelessly, chose the booking duration, and enjoy premium video meetings wherever you work.

Premium video device: Enjoy 4K camera, 4K content, and intelligent collaboration such as noise removal, best overview and full interoperability.

Hotdesking with Wireless pairing:Authenticate and reserve using your NFC mobile phone, plus charge it at the same time. Your laptop and headset will get charged too!

Touchless experiences:Use Webex assistant voice commands to view and join meetings, view your calendar, and more.

Calendar integration:Get a personalized experience by seeing your upcoming meetings and join them from the Webex Desk Hub.

Digital signage:Stay informed by knowing when a desk is open, reserved, sanitized or needs to be cleaned using digital signage.

Cisco  Webex Desk-hub插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
Cisco  Webex Desk-hub插图2
  • Develop basic systems, drivers, and middleware based on the Qualcomm C865C platform
  • OS Enhancement/Optimization
  • Camera optimization
  • Mass Production Technical Support

By using ThunderSoft’s C865C SOM and video conference solution, realize product development and market launch in a short time

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