Leveraging our chip strategic partnerships, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of over 30 intelligent modules and cellular communication modules for our customers. These modules are compatible with various chip types and offer the flexibility to accommodate complex peripherals. They make it effortless for users to integrate external devices such as sensors, facilitating a swift process for customers to launch new products and initiate mass production.
To further enhance the usability of our module products, we have incorporated a diverse range of I/O interfaces into our Development Kits. This approach empowers customers to swiftly conduct testing and deployment when they initially acquire a specific module product. By doing so, we streamline the process, enabling customers to efficiently make informed decisions and accelerating their overall decision-making efficiency.

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Smart Devices
Smart Modules
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C8550 SOM
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C865 SOM
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CT7280 SOM
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C6490P SOM
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Development Kits
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C8550 Development Kit
Thundercomm TurboX C8550 Development Kit is a high performance Development Kit which is powered by next Gen Flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ QCS8550 processor.
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Qualcomm® Robotics RB6 Platform
Delivering power-efficient, advanced edge-AI computing and video processing performance with 5G connectivity for autonomous robotics.
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W5+ development kit
TurboX W5+ development kit is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest generation W5+ wearable platform. The main chip adopts 4nm process technology and supports dual-core/dual-system design
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Success Stories
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French fashion house and luxury goods company, Louis Vuitton, has released its newest portable speaker, the Horizon Light Up Speaker.

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Tambour Horizon Light Up, the world’s most creative connected watch, was crafted with the aim of creating an unforgettable user experience.

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The Cadothy Valor is a new product that revolutionizes the smart live broadcast equipment industry, creating your exclusive interactive live broadcast TV station.

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ThinkReality A3 AR glasses are powered by the Android-based ThunderSoft XR1 platform.

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Poly Studio P15 video bar. Exceptional optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing, and cutting-edge noise blocking tech give you freedom to move and command the conversation.

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A personalized collaboration experience at any desk. Walk-in to any hot desk highlighted as available, authenticate wirelessly, chose the booking duration, and enjoy premium video meetings wherever you work.

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