Accelerated Product Iteration of Robotic Intelligence

The Smart Robotics Solution provides a variety of high, medium and low computing power System On Module (SOM) and robot brain solutions based on the Qualcomm® 404/626/845/865 platform.
It can meet the needs of different forms of robot products including industry, service, and consumption robots, through fully verified solutions and market integration capabilities in vertical fields, reduce input costs and technical barriers, realize the rapid listing of innovative robot products.

Robot Software Construction Platform Space

Our Mission and Future Vision in the Era of Robots

ThunderSoft’s mission is to enrich an intelligent world.Encompassing a variety of robots in the future world, with our core technology as the foundation, we are committed to enabling intelligent applications of robots in different scenarios. Through providing core technology and fostering extensive ecosystem collaborations, we offer strong support for the development of the robot industry.
Our technology empowerment ranges from basic semiconductor modules to integrated platform software, platform layers, algorithms, and applications. We aim to transform edge computing into a common computing platform, driving the evolution of operating systems towards platformization. This approach supports the scalability, extensibility, and maintainability of algorithms, further iterating development tools and environments to accelerate application development for manufacturers at a lower cost.
The future is a world filled with diverse robots. Essentially, the separation of intelligence and informatization marks this era. Informatization centers on interactions between humans, while intelligence involves machines perceiving the surrounding world and environment using sensors and operational capabilities, thus forming the era of robots. Our AI+Robot strategy injects even more vitality and boundless innovation possibilities into the robot industry.
• Realizing more natural language interaction: Leveraging the power of the RUBIK large model, communication between humans and robots becomes efficient and natural, eliminating the need for encoding specific tasks and achieving more natural language interaction.
• Better understanding of human instructions: The RUBIK large model, with its vast parameter base, extensive training data, and complex neural network structure, accurately comprehends various languages.
• Enhancing edge-side data processing efficiency, reducing latency: Utilizing model optimization and compression techniques, the RUBIK large model can process tasks on the edge with near-zero latency, providing users with an outstanding experience.
Success Stories

在2023上海世界移动通信大会上,中科创达成功将创达魔方大语言模型部署在TurboX C8550 智能模组上,重磅推出旗下首款集成大模型的智能搬运机器人解决方案。 在大模型的加持下,机器人实现了更自然的语言交互,可以更好地理解人类指令,且提升了边缘侧数据处理效率,缩短了延迟响应时间。人们可以通过自然语言与智能搬运机器人交互,提出服务指令,机器人就会按照要求提供拿取饮料、食物等服务,用户体验更佳。


Orinstar AI Robot Greeting series include AI Robot Greeting, AI Robot Greeting Mini, AI Robot Greeting DP. As an intelligent reception service robot, AI Robot Greeting has been used in more than 20 industry scenarios, changing people's lives. AI Robot Greeting intelligent robot supports users to customize personalized scenes. AI Robot Greeting has a number of technological innovations.

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