Product Overview

HiPhi X is an evolvable super SUV, developed with H-SOA electronic and electrical architecture. Equipped with HiPhiGo, an emotional AI partner developed with Microsoft Xiaoice, NT wing door entry and exit system, PML programmable intelligent lights + ISD interactive lights, active high-performance forward-looking dynamic chassis and a series of hardware evolutions. Equipped with L3 automatic driving assistance system, surrounding view system, IMAX co-pilot screen. HiPhi X can achieve a ultra long endurance of more than 630 kilometers, 0- 100km/h in 3.9 seconds, a drag coefficient of 0.27, and active rear wheels steering system.

The immersive cabin of HiPhi X reflects the sense of technology. Equipped with 9 screens including a 19.9-inch co-pilot screen, a 16.9-inch central screen, and a 14.6-inch instrument screen, and realized 9 screens interaction.

HiPhi-X Smart Cockpit插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
HiPhi-X Smart Cockpit插图2
  • Qualcomm 820A development support
  • Cockpit operating system optimization, multi-screen interaction
  • Mass Production Technical Support

ThunderSoft collaborate closely with HiPhi, create an amazing smart cockpit and user experience for the product, realized multi-screen interaction, multi-device interaction and communication between the electrical structure and the cockpit

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