ThunderSoft provides a comprehensive one-stop solution known as E-Cockpit, which includes several key components: ThunderAuto intelligent connected vehicle operating system; SOA-based middlewares such as AVM, IMS, smartphone connectivity, and smart assistants; an HMI application framework based on Kanzi; development tools like VideoCat and the AutoRunner SOA for holistic testing.

Currently, E-Cockpit platform components have been widely adopted by over 40 global brands, establishing a leading position in the industry. Looking ahead, we are committed to continuously enhancing the intelligent visual, interactive, and connectivity capabilities of the cockpit platform. In the realm of deep technology, we will optimize the efficient Kanzi 3D rendering engine, further improve products like IMS, and strengthen the global support for the ThunderAuto operating system, thus enhancing the immersive experience of the intelligent cockpit. These efforts aim to solidify our leading market position.

E-Cockpit 8.0

Embodied with a decade of technological and artistic accumulation from ThunderSoft, driven by Qualcomm’s latest chipset platform, further enhanced by the power of large-scale models. E-Cockpit 8.0 offers users a safe and comfortable intelligent driving experience.

“End-to-End Mirror” Design
Immersion Means Never Break the Illusion

The lens tracking feature seamlessly zooms through various scenarios: from map navigation to ADAS, smart parking, surround view, and even in-cockpit settings, offering an immersive driving experience.

Comprehensive Visual Perception Inside and Out
True safety Lies in What Can Be Seen.

E-Cockpit 8.0 comes equipped with the full range of SmartDrive intelligent vision products, meticulously crafted by ThunderSoft’s professional vision technology team. It offers all-around visual perception from the external world to the interior of the vehicle, with panoramic surround view, smart parking, electronic rear-view mirrors, and driver fatigue detection working together to safeguard users’ travel safety.

Around View Monitor

  • Experience a ghosting-free, color-accurate 360° ultimate panoramic view with unrestricted angles.

  • Features algorithmic correction for uneven surfaces, ensuring impeccable image quality.

  • The dual-thread algorithm architecture adapts to balance image quality and performance seamlessly.


  • Already integrated into 700,000 in-vehicle devices, supported by a vast repository of real-world data, ensuring high-quality stability and accuracy.

  • Features rapid iteration and upgrade capabilities.

Camera Monitor System

  • Redefines the image quality experience and standards for CMS.

  • Offers safe, stable, and flexible software customization solutions.

  • Best integrated quality of both software and hardware.

Create a wallpaper depicting an ancient town.

How to adjust the driver’s seat?

I want like a cartoon avatar.

Large Model Integration
True Intelligence Always There for You.

The in-car voice assistant, empowered by large model, effortlessly switches roles between a chat companion, knowledge assistant, travel planner, and schedule manager. It facilitates barrier-free communication with users, enhancing the linguistic interaction experience within the cockpit.

Play a recent popular song for me.

Tell me a joke.

How to adjust the airflow of the front air conditioning?

Customizable Digital Avatar

Digital Human
Particle Avatar
Cartoon Character

Empowered by Large Model
Intelligent Voice Assistant

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图1

Based on large model technology, the all-new intelligent automotive assistant is designed to meet the diverse functional needs of various roles during the user’s driving journey.

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图2

By integrating various knowledge bases and continuously learning from usage, the VPA can effortlessly switch between the roles of companion, assistant, consultant, and steward.

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图3

Through humanized intelligent voice interaction and the generative capabilities of the AIGC large model, users experience a comprehensive enhancement in communication fluency, knowledge comprehensiveness, response accuracy, and a personalized experience.

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图4

Child Companion

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图5

Intelligent In-Car User Assistant

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图6


Smart Cockpit Platforms插图7

Intelligent Repair Technician

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图8

Children's Storyteller

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图9

Video Editor

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图10

Intelligent Customer Service

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图11

Casual Conversation Partner

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图12

Schedule Planning Expert

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图13
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图14

Enhanced Device Interconnectivity
Because the smart world is meant to be this way.

The Carplay 2.0 upgrade allows full-screen projection through the dashboard, offering users an immersive large-screen experience for entertainment and gaming. It also enables connection to multiple devices, allowing passengers to engage together.

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图15
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图16
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图17

CarPlay 2.0 upgrade
Innovative multi-zone display

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图18
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图19

Full-screen gaming
Indulge in an immersive experience

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图20

Supports multi-screen input and multiple app usage
Non-interfering experience for driver and passengers

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图21

Multi-window within and between apps
Enhanced user experience on a wide horizontal screen

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图22

Supports floating window
Picture-in-picture mode

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图23

Enables free dragging of applications across the same screen or between screens

Multiple Delivery Forms
Equally Exceptional Service

E-Cockpit 8.0 comed with a variety of stand options to suit your needs, along with comprehensive user documentation and after-sales service.

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图24
ThunderAuto intelligent connected vehicle OS

The ThunderAuto intelligent connected vehicle operating system offers virtualization for underlying chips and hardware, enabling support for various safety applications such as instrument clusters and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) simultaneously. It also provides essential foundational components. This facilitates seamless migration, adaptation, and iterative upgrades for customers across different chips, sensors, and algorithms.

Smart Cockpit Platforms插图25

Integrated Vehicle-Cloud SOA

Our self-developed SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) intelligent software platform achieves a flexible deployment and configuration solution that integrates vehicle and cloud, crosses domains, and spans different operating systems such as Android, Linux, and QNX. This platform also supports standard service description languages, ensuring compatibility across different platforms within the entire vehicle environment. The SOA middleware for vehicle-cloud integration enables a cross-OS, cross-device solution, allowing vehicles to intelligently fulfill the desired requirements of vehicle owners and users by utilizing SOA to deploy services both within the vehicle and externally.
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图26
Smart Scene Engine
Scene Engine Capacity Middleground
Cloud terminal RTE supporting scene engine service
Visual Management Platform
Providing scene engine editing tools,scene engine control and data analysis
Car Terminal Scene Engine SDK
Final embody of scene. Responsible for scheduling and executing of scene in vehicle
Mobile Scene Engine SDK
Supporting creation and editing of scene service by terminal user
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图30
Often New
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图31
Diversified Designs
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图32
Dynamic Configuration
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图33
Immediate Effect
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图34
Low Price
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图35
User Value
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图36
High Expansibility
Smart Cockpit Platforms插图37
Development Cost Reduction
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