Surrounding Vision - AVM

Wide-angle cameras are installed in the front, rear, left andright of vehicle to collect surrounding image. By using image fusion and slicing technology, a panoramic view is formed and finally shown on the screen of IVI or cluster to expand the view of driver. The surround view system can effectively prevent scratches, collisions, falling, etc. Meanwhile, the panoramic view can also provide image support for the recognition, detection, tracking and other algorithms in the automatic driving system.

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Surround View function is integrated in cockpit domain, BOM decreases for over 40% with the relatively independent plug-in scheme.

Mass production level system architecture, Hypervisor based QNX or Android DRM, support of rapid cold startup of RVC2s and AVM3s, safe and real-time.

High-quality algorithm including 360° seamless splicing, self-adaptive splicing algorithm, distortion correction and self-adaptive color correction algorithm.

Abundant and intact AVM function list, including dynamic transparent chassis, can display the vehicle bottom image in the driving process to avoid traffic accidents caused due to blind spot of sight and vehicle bottom barrier and meet various scene demands.

Surrounding Vision - CMS
Electronic rearview mirror image processing solution can providevehicle-mounted electronic rearview mirror with the real-time processing of high-definition and all-weather camera image withhigh frame rate, wide dynamic range. It can provide the turn-key scheme about the model selection recommendation of camera and chip, image algorithm and image processing, and achieve flexible customization according to the actual demands of customers. The solution has already been mass-produced.

1、Mass-produced full-stack image quality solution, conforms to the laws and regulations standards;
2、Intact visual ISP tool chain can shorten the development cycle, reduce cost and increase effect;
3、Multiple operator algorithms, providing high-quality image effect;
4、Ultra Wide Angle distortion correction, rebuild the true surrounding scene.

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In-Cabin Vision - Face ID/DMS/OMS
Abundant smart cockpit visual perception functions, such as face recognition, distraction detection, fatigue detection, misconduct monitoring, eye tracking, gesture recognition, monitoring of left items and children, etc.
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deep learning algorithm:

1、Massive true driving data, hundred-million-level accurate training, high accuracy and high robustness;
2、Enabling DSP and NPU to further release CPU hashrate resource;
3、Light weight of model, and use of AutoML framework, model pruning, model quantization, knowledge distillation and other compression technologies;
4、Mass production level system architecture meeting the safe and real-time requirements , fits most mainstream operation systems;
5、Linkage design with cockpit domain and self-driving domain to build a truly safe and smart user experience.

Forward-Facing Vision - Smart DVR
Forward-facing images are collected throughthe camera installed at rear mirror. Currentvehicle driving information are recorded andthe real-time scene and recorded video filescan be displayed on central control panel. Therecorded files can be used as powerfulevidences in case of emergency. Functionssuch as video live broadcasting, mobile phonesharing, InfoADAS, etc. are also included.

1、Directly connect the host through LVDS. One-screen control can reduce hardware costs and improve operation convenience. By equipping pressure testing tools, test labor costs are greatly saved;
2、Achieve high integration of devices and cloud, including cloud uploading, cloud downloading, cloud extraction and cloud control;
3、Documents in car DVR can be checked rapidly through mobile phones. And include other functions such as document sharing and evidence checking;
4、Equipped with intelligent voice recognition system, passengers can use voice command to control photographing, filming, document checking, etc. which is convenient and rapid;
5、Watch vehicle live streaming from phone, cloud travel from anytime and anywhere.

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