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Safe, stable, simple and efficient one-stop over-the-air upgrade products for smart devices


ThunderSoft FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air) product provides one-stop customizable remote upgrade and management capabilities for different types of smart devices on both device and cloud. It can quickly repair and optimize the system over-the-air, helping OEM manufacturers enhance product value, and ensure a good end-user experience.

This product has been widely applied to sectors such as home appliances, security, automobiles, manufacturing, healthcare, and wearables and has been successfully deployed in several Fortune Global 500 companies.



Compliant local services:
Supports global deployment


Powerful architecture:
Unlimited number of devices and dynamic expansion


Small differential packages:
Sizes only 20-50% of conventional differential packages


Stable download speed:
Automatically select among global nodes to accelerate download


Simple integration solution:
Both FOTA SaaS and privatized deployment services are available


Deep customization service:
Deep customization based on the client’s business


Various upgrade strategies:
Customize groups based on the client’s business needs such that each group can upgrade separately


Comprehensive functions:
Including firmware management, task management, product management, group management, user management, bill management, etc


FOTA is based on different cloud platforms, two FOTA products solutions are offered: Saas and Private deployment services.

The access layer provides multi-lingual and fast integrated device SDKs for customers to access different cloud platforms. The cloud provides services to connected devices such as device management, firmware upgrade, application management, operation and maintenance.


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Industrial Applications

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Smart Devices

Smart Devices

mobile phones, tablets, webcams, audio, cameras, game consoles
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Smart Vehicles

Smart Vehicles

vehicle upgrade, smart cockpit, intelligent rearview mirror, dashcam
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Smart Home

Smart Home

smart robots, smart appliances
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Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables

smart watches, smart rings, smart glasses
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Smart Security

Smart Security

video monitoring, smoke detectors, smart lock
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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

sensors, collectors, controllers
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Other Applications


Other Applications


Case Study

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Dash camera solutions

The world’s top supplier of auto parts and systems, a Fortune 500 company.
-After the device has been developed, it is found that FOTA has not been designed. If redeveloping devices, the cost of time and labor is high. How to quickly integrate FOTA into existing devices?
-Devices often appear in areas without signals such as basements or tunnels, and no signal disconnection will lead to the problem of the upgrade being interrupted and the equipment temporarily offline. How to ensure the smooth completion of the upgrade process in such scenarios?
-In disaster scenarios such as frequent earthquakes, how to ensure that the device service is not interrupted and the system has the ability to control risks?
-The device capacity is limited and the big upgrade package can not be used. How to ensure the successful upgrade of the device?
-How to ensure the information isolation of the devices when different drivers of the same taxi are handed over shifts?
-Quick integration. On the basis that the equipment has been designed and developed, there is no need to re-develop the equipment, and the SDK provided by our company can be used to quickly integrate and form a device upgrade and management solution.
-Support breakpoint download and offline upload. In the no signal scenario, breakpoint download is supported. When the signal is restored, the device upgrade status can be immediately uploaded to the cloud, which is convenient for managers to manage and monitor the equipment in the cloud.
-Multiple availability zones, cluster deployment, and high availability. In disaster scenarios, such as frequent earthquakes, multi-zone cluster deployment improves risk resistance and provides higher availability.
-Support for the small capacity delta packages with only 20%-50% of the normal package to ensure that the small capability device can still be successfully upgraded.
– Build a VPC to support identity authentication. Build a private network to ensure data security, and isolate information for the identification and authentication of different drivers, so that only designated personnel who are identified and authenticated can use the device.
1 million+ devices of customers are using our FOTA products.
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