MDM Product

Safe, stable and reliable one-stop smart device management products for mobile devices


MDM Product provides customizable one-stop, end-to-end smart device management. The product is very powerful and easy to use. It can handle the latest device types and OS, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux, to help global enterprises to manage their devices, apps, policies, and users in their mobile application systems.

The MDM product helps enterprises protect apps, content, and data for any device and manages and authenticates user access and identity to ensure that employees can access related data accurately and securely on these devices. The product enables enterprises to manage many devices using a unified standard throughout their life cycle to ensure higher security and simplify the process, making solutions more cost-effective.



Efficient and unified management:
Unified backend management of the devices, apps, and content


Secure access mechanisms:
Multifactor Authentication (MFA)


Simple integration:
SDK supports fast integration into apps


Secure data:
Supports data isolation and management system isolation among multiple members


Powerful architecture:
Unlimited number of devices with dynamic expansion


Compliant local services:
Supports global deployment


Deep customization service:
Deep customization based on the client’s business


Intuitive management interface:
Displays the overall overview of the device in the form of a visual dashboard

Product Functions

Device management

remote control, remote locking, remote reset, data reporting, locating devices, status monitoring.

Policy management

device data collection, irregularity monitor and control, WLAN/E-mail configuration.

App management

silent installation/uninstall, blacklist/whitelist, version management.

User management

user data management, single sign-on, authentication, app rights assignment, log auditing.


The SpringCloud micro-service architecture for MDM is mature, stable, and based on a distributed system, with high availability and concurrency.


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Case Study

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MDM Product

Employees working on personal mobile devices may unknowingly expose sensitive data or be installed with trojans and other malicious software, exposing enterprises to the risk of attack.

How to protect hundreds of mobile devices from threats, and how to ensure the stability of access in the context of an increasing number of employees and devices is a serious issue today.

Our MDM product enables enterprises to centrally monitor and manage all mobile devices, applications and content, and remotely wipe devices when they are lost or stolen, helping to protect business data information.

Employees can safely access company e-mails and other content from their personal devices, improving productivity and flexibility for employees and the business while maintaining security. In addition, MDM products support dynamic device expansion and unlimited device capacity with a powerful and stable service architecture, enabling enterprises to quickly expand and deploy.

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