Model Farm
Model Farm is an automated machine learning platform for the field of artificial intelligence, providing the whole process of AI development services from data engineering to model training and evaluation. Through the automatic machine learning algorithm that support dynamic model structure design, it provides a platform for customers to quickly develop high-quality algorithm model and realize AI application. Model Farm also provides data management to ensure data security in data annotation, quality inspection, training, etc. The platform supports a variety of industry insensitive AI algorithms, including detection, classification, segmentation, key point detection, and supports online transformation of models for various types of IoT device deployments . It also can be accessed through the web to perform online inference and performance verification of the trained model. With the support of whole process of AI algorithm development, Model Farm can effectively satisfy the requirements of rapid algorithm customization development in a wide range of scenarios such as smart buildings, smart security, defect detection, autonomous driving, etc.
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Data Engineering
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Model Training
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Model Evaluation
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Model Deployment
Product Features

Whole process

covers the whole process of artificial intelligence model training

Low threshold

Training models do not require model design skills

Support multiple algorithms

Support multiple industry insensitive algorithms and apply to a wide range of scenarios

Support multiple inference platforms

Support multiple types of model transformation for deployment on multi-ple IoT devices

Model training cost savings of
Model training efficiency increased by
Pre-trained models
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Facial Recognition

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Face Detection

Model Farm插图7

Video Conference AutoFraming

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People Counting

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Multi Object Tracking

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License Plate Recognition

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Sight Tracking

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Parking Space Detection

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Parking Obstacle Detection

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Door Defect Detection

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Wire Defect Detection

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Surface Defect Detection of Transparent Bottle

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Compression Mold Defect Detection

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Metal Corrosion Segmentation

Model Farm插图21

Panel Defect Detection

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Lesion Segmentation

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