ThunderSoft’s New Year Greetings for 2024: Reshaping Computation and Enlightening the Future
Release time:2023-12-30

December 29, 2023

Reflecting on the preceding year, 2023 stands as a microcosm of ThunderSoft’s 15-year commitment to innovation in the computing industry.

Looking back at the past of the intelligent era, every farewell marks a glimpse into the future. As we embark on this magnificent historical journey, we are reshaping computation and enlightening the future.

The year 2024 is about to arrive. We sincerely thank our customers, partners, shareholders, investors, employees, and their families for their continuous support and companionship. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

In 2023, ThunderSoft marked its fifteenth year as a milestone in its technology journey. We have witnessed the emergence of the mobile internet and navigated through the rapid advancements in smart vehicles and IoT. Furthermore, the value of AI and operating systems have been elevated by the global surge of AI large language models. In light of this, ThunderSoft continues to be closely connected to the ongoing computing revolution.

We are committed to upholding the principles of technology as the foundation, the ecosystem as the first, and steadfast globalization, and this commitment positions us to embark on a journey of enlightened computing in the era of AI large models. We will focus on the second growth curve (existing business + AI) and the third growth curve (AI + new business).

Looking ahead to the next 10 years, ThunderSoft is positioned to evolve into a globally oriented, digitally driven company, offering state-of-the-art intelligent operating systems, along with products and technologies for edge-side artificial intelligence.

We persistently strive for excellence in the ever-turning wheel of the intelligent industry, forging ahead with determination based on outstanding capabilities in operating system development and a profound understanding of edge scenarios.

The IoT industry is at a crucial turning point marked by the revolutions in large-scale models and intelligent hardware. Alongside our innovative counterparts in the IoT space, we are consistently establishing technological barriers in domains like smart cameras and XR, aiming to achieve industry-leading status. Our successful entry into the non-regulatory-grade automotive market represents a pioneering fusion of IoT with the automotive sector, expanding into new realms through cross-industry collaboration. As for the realm of smart vehicles, our innovative products and diverse ecosystem are actively contributing to customer value. We incorporate large-scale AI models into the Intelligent Cockpit Ecockpit 8.0, introduce an integrated software and hardware solution for intelligent driving domain control, partner with Toyota to introduce the Kanzi One product for HMI design and development, pioneer innovations in CMS, and globally debut the DISHUI OS complete vehicle operating system. Each of these initiatives is at the forefront of advancing automotive intelligence and centralized computing. In terms of smart software, we continually reinforce our advantages in the Android ecosystem in the field of smartphones and consistently expand the capabilities of the Harmony OS ecosystem, achieving a breakthrough from 0 to 1 in HarmonyOS app development. Simultaneously, we actively embrace change, adapting to the transformative era of edge-side intelligence with AI smartphones, AI PCs, and other intelligent devices.

We are committed to exerting effort and fostering even closer connections with customers and ecosystem partners.

We continue to deepen our collaborations and explore new frontiers with core chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel, Samsung, AMD, and others. For instance, through our collaboration with Qualcomm, we have successfully inaugurated the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center, implementing a significant customer strategy. In addition, breakthroughs in partnerships with Google have expanded our overseas business and deepening our ecosystem with China Mobile and Amazon Web Services has fostered innovative ventures. At the same time, the joint ventures with CARIAD, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, and strategic cooperation with Mazda help us demonstrate our commitment to collaborative success with automakers, so we solidify our position as a global leader in intelligent automotive software.

We consistently engage in thoughtful reflection, centering our attention on technology, gaining insights into the industry, and anticipating the future.

In 2023, we launched the Rubik Foundation Large Language Model, achieving system integration on multi-chip platforms and successfully running a 13 billion parameter model on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chip platform—a pioneering breakthrough in the industry. We also introduced the RUBIK Intelligent Office Platform, serving as the technological foundation for AI in the era of large models. Additionally, our RUBIK Toolkit programming tool was unveiled to enhance enterprise efficiency. Simultaneously, we released multiple end-side large model solutions covering diverse fields such as automotive, robotics, and AI PCs, contributing to industry advancement. In the cloud domain, we established joint labs with Amazon Web Services and Beijing Academy of Artifical Intelligence (BAAI) to drive technological innovation and application.Our accomplishments have expedited the iteration and elevation of the dual engines that combine artificial intelligence and operating systems.

The power revolution has illuminated the world and artificial intelligence has ignited the brilliance of the computing world. As a digital pioneer driving the computational revolution, we are committed to embracing change and pursuing excellence.

Leading in vehicle operating systems: We have developed a comprehensive array of products and technology encompassing intelligent cockpit OS, intelligent driving OS, and the next generation of vehicle operating systems, along with High-Performance Computing (HPC). Also, we proactively seize the opportunities arising from the central computing trend for the next generation of vehicle operating systems, and we focus our strategic investments with dedication, aiming to emerge as a leader in central computing.

Establishing the growth curve of AI: We will leverage the full-stack technological advantages of AI and Edge. On one hand, we will integrate existing elements such as products, technologies, and development with AI. On the other hand, we will empower AI technology in areas like robotics, automobiles, enterprise intelligence, and AI-native devices. Ultimately, we aspire to be the global leader in edge-side artificial intelligence, possessing mastery of core technologies in this domain.

Expanding the global service network: The driving force behind our successful progress stems from our distinctive global intelligent organization. With subsidiaries and research centers now present in 16 countries or regions worldwide, we have taken on the crucial role of serving as the “technology cornerstone provider” in the global intelligence industry. While maintaining our strong presence in the vast Chinese market, we are committed to deepening collaborations with global technology leaders continuously, fostering interaction and integration with cutting-edge technologies worldwide. Additionally, we have plans to extend the construction of overseas delivery centers and reinforce the growth of our global business. This initiative aims to provide strategic support and industry momentum for Chinese enterprises expanding internationally.

Preserving the entrepreneurial spirit: We have never stopped at achievements, nor have we dared to slacken in the face of change. We always maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, remembering the days when we carried backpacks and worked day and night. When making decisions, we need to focus deeply and be diligent and steadfast. When opportunities arise, we must be prepared and take swift action. We recognize that customers are the primary catalyst for our innovation. Our core lies in creating value for the client, and contributing to their success is our achievement. We will continue to prioritize unity among our hardworking team members, advance organizational upgrades, strengthen our forces, ignite the organizational engine, and activate developmental momentum.

The future is here, and we invite you to join hands and enrich an intelligent world with ThunderSoft. Let us reshape computation and enlighten the future.

Happy New Year!

Best regards,

Hongfei Zhao

CEO of ThunderSoft

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