ThunderSoft Release New Vehicle Operating System “DISHUI OS”
Release time:2023-11-30

ThunderSoft is thrilled to announce that ThunderSoft’s new vehicle operating system “DISHUI OS” Operating System, as the industry’s first complete vehicle operating system product, and the “DISHUI OS” industry ecosystem were officially launched recently.

This project has been a collaborative effort of ThunderSoft and 18 outstanding companies, including HiPhi, GAC Aion, Dongfeng Motor, NETA Auto, BlackBerry China, ARM, Bytedance Volcengine, Horizon Robotics, Amazon Web Services, C2A Security, TomTom, Arkamys, Cercence, Microchip Technology, ETAS, KPIT, TIER IV, and ABUP. Our goal is to provide global automotive companies with highly secure, high-computing power, and customizable innovative products, technologies, and solutions for complete vehicle operating systems.

DISHUI OS is an operating system designed for central computing, supporting multi-domain convergence and integrating AI large language models, basic software, container virtualization, cybersecurity, SDV middleware, and other technical capabilities. It has been built as a scalable, high-computing power platform for complete vehicle operating systems. Additionally, it integrates the automotive industry ecosystem to provide global users with a more intelligent, efficient, and safe travel experience.

Currently, DISHUI OS 1.0 is successfully running in the first domestic single SoC integrated cockpit-AD hardware environment, providing features like emotional interaction, immersive HMI, and full in-cabin vision scenarios for large language models. It also supports functions such as automatic parking, highway L2++, and urban intelligent driving.

We are incredibly proud to achieve this significant breakthrough in the complete vehicle operating system field. DISHUI OS will continue to collaborate closely with our industry partners, foster overseas ecosystems, drive innovation in the automotive industry, and deliver an even better mobility experience for our global users. Let’s embrace a brighter future together!

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