The Volkswagen Group Board Member for China, Mr. Brandstätter, visited Thundersoft to Deep Strategic Cooperation
Release time:2023-11-01

Recently, Mr. Ralf Brandstätter , member of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen Group , Chairman and CEO of Volkswagen Group China led a delegation of senior executives, accompanied by Mr. Chang Qing, CEO of CARIAD China, visited ThunderSoft, and had an in-depth discussion with Mr. Zhao Hongfei, Chairman and CEO of ThunderSoft, on the current status of business cooperation between Volkswagen Group China and ThunderSoft, as well as the prospect for further strategic cooperation between the two parties.

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Within short 5 months since ThunderSoft and CARIAD announced the partnership, a joint venture, CARThunder, has been established and is in action. The two parties will adhere to the same cooperation goals and complementary technology advantages, work together to build a strong, mutually beneficial strategic partnership for intelligent vehicles, and are committed to R&D demands and user expectations of the Chinese automotive market, and accelerate the iterative innovation of intelligence and connectivity in China’s automotive industry.

During this visit, the two parties had in-depth discussions on CARThunder. CARThunder practices the value concept of “Fast, Competitive, Innovative ” and is responsible for the corporate mission of accelerating the “In China, For China” strategy of CARIAD China and Volkswagen Group with software development. CARThunder focuses on the R&D, integration and testing of software products and solutions in the field of intelligent cockpit and intelligent connectivity systems, and provides software development services in the field of intelligent cockpit, intelligent connectivity, HMI and cloud computing with operating system as the core. As a joint venture between ThunderSoft and CARIAD, CARThunder was officially established in September this year at the “Speed of China”, in just five months after officially announcing the intention of joint venture in April. The joint venture aims to integrate the technical and resource advantages of ThunderSoft and CARIAD, and will play an important role in promoting the localization process of the Volkswagen Group China and expanding the domestic market.

As the world’s leading provider of intelligent operating system products and technologies, ThunderSoft has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent vehicles for more than a decade and has helped many automotive customers around the world successfully create future intelligent vehicle related products with its leading intelligent connected vehicle operating system and AI technologies. In this partnership, ThunderSoft will work with CARIAD to further expand the localized business line of Volkswagen Group China, integrating product planning and technology trends into China’s development, and enable Volkswagen’s technologies to be well recognized by the Chinese market.

In the future, ThunderSoft will maintain close ties with Volkswagen Group China and further deepen its strategic partnership to help it promote the implementation of the “In China, For China” strategies one by one. Based on this, ThunderSoft will continue to leverage its technological advantages, quickly respond to customer needs, join hands with automotive customers to achieve win-win, and continue to write new chapters in the wave of intelligence transformation that’s sweeping the automotive industry.

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