ThunderX Received Financing from Qualcomm Ventures to Accelerate the Breakthrough and Mass Production of Intelligent Driving Technologies
Release time:2022-07-04

With the rapid development of autonomous driving technologies, the primary driver for commercialization and large-scale applications has become accelerating technological innovation and promoting the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Recently, ThunderX Auto Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has closed a financing round with Qualcomm Ventures. The funding will go toward R&D investment in autonomous driving core technologies, high-quality mass production, and a talent training system.

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As a subsidiary of Thunder Software Technology Co.,Ltd. (ThunderSoft) specializing in domain controller computing power platform, ThunderX makes full use of ThunderSoft’s technical advantages in operating systems and real-time software platform, to deeply explore and plan for an open intelligent driving platform that provides software and hardware in domain controllers and integrated domain controllers. ThunderX will build a flexible business model with customers and aim to become the world’s leading provider of intelligent vehicle computing platforms.

Wenguang Wu, Chairman of ThunderX said: “We appreciate Qualcomm Ventures for their recognition and support for ThunderX through their investment. In the future, we will seize opportunities in the era of intelligent driving to further increase investment in research and development in intelligent driving. We will continuously push for technological innovations and breakthroughs to accelerate the commercialization and mass production of technologies. ”

“Intelligent driving is a technology with broad applications and future growth potential,” said James Shen, Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures China. “ThunderX’s solution can bring industry-leading products that offer more customized and advanced driving experiences to the market. We are excited to invest in ThunderX and support their innovation in intelligent driving solutions”.

The intelligent driving industry is ushering in a period of rapid development. Based on its leading real-time platform software, advanced toolchains, and sustainably iterative domain control platform products that meet the highest level of functional safety, ThunderX will make full use of these core technological advantages and promote the mass production of intelligent driving and accelerate intelligent transformation of the automotive industry.

About Qualcomm Ventures

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About ThunderX

ThunderX, a ThunderSoft subsidiary, specializes in autonomous driving domain control and open intelligent vehicle HPC software and hardware platforms. Building on ThunderSoft’s leading technologies in operating systems, ThunderX can satisfy the world’s customers with real-time software platforms and domain control platforms that are scalable, advanced, safe, open, and with deterministic latency. Having established in-depth strategic cooperation with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chips, sensing devices, hardware and algorithms, ThunderX can provide clients from industries like intelligent vehicle with various services, including open platforms and turnkey platforms.

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