Thundercomm Introduced Multiple SOMs to Empower Industrial Digitalization
Release time:2022-03-30

Thundercomm, the world-leading IoT product and solution provider recently launched the company’s latest SOM (System On Module) products including TurboX C7230, C6490, CM4290/C4290, and T62. These new products expand Thundercomm’s SOM portfolio for smart camera, mobile terminals and 5G connectivity, meanwhile lay a solide foundation for enterprises towards a more connected and smarter world.

TurboX C7230 to ensure a safer environment through AI and Camera

With technologies involving AI, edge computing, video and graphics processing gaining more popularity, the application of smart camera is soaring. New demands, caused by the pandemic, such as mask detection and social distance detection, which require cameras to have higher capability and operational efficiency, are also increasing dramatically in communities and enterprises.

The newly released TurboX C7230 is a smart camera SOM powered by premium-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS7230 processor which features advanced AI computing power, outstanding video and graphic processing capability, as well as state-of-the-art connectivity. This SOM is the best choice for smart camera products which could be wildly deployed for safety detection in crowded areas and personnel access management in communities and factories. In addition, TurboX C7230 can also be deployed in smart healthcare, smart retail, and other user cases to empower the digital transformation of different industries.

TurboX C6490 and CM4290/C4290 enable the unlimited connectivity of mobile terminals

The rapid development of technology and society accelerates the pace of life. Aways online becomes extreamly important for people’s daily life. TurboX C6490 and CM4290/C4290 provide different options for wireless connection of mobile terminals in different application scenarios.

TurboX C6490 is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS6490 6nm processor with superior performance, powerful computing (14TOPS), and advanced connectivity. It features 4K60 video decode and 5 camera concurrency. Besides, It can support Wi-Fi 6E with DBS, long range Bluetooth and five MIPI CSIs, as well as a rich set of peripheral interfaces, such as PCIe. USB 3.1, , I2C, I3C, SPI, UART and GPIO.

TurboX C6490 is a high performance AIoT SOM for industrial handheld devices, industrial robots, service robots, drones, kiosk and digital signage, providing users with both hardware interfaces and software SDK so as to help them build prototypes and validate product functions efficiently.

TurboX CM4290/C4290 is built on Qualcomm QCM4290/QCS4290 platform and offers better graphics processing as well as faster LTE connection. The dimension of the SOM is 34mm*35mm (C4290) /51mm*35mm (CM4290) with LGA package, which can fit into devices including handheld devices, smart retail devices, dash cameras and tablets perfectly.

TurboX T62 for Smoother 5G Connectivity

TurboX T62 series cellular modules have integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon SDX62 5G Modem-RF system and can support both 5G Sub-6 GHz and SA/NSA mode, making it backwards compatible with 4G/3G network. Leveraging 4 nm process of the SDX62 chipset, T62 supports 3GPP Release 16 with superior performance and power efficiency. It can help ODM/OEM launch 5G devices to global market efficiently and be widely applied to CPE/MIFI/Industrial routers, mission-critical applications (robotics, AR/VR, live streaming etc.) and remote medical devices (surgery, diagnostic, etc.).

Besides, another 5G SOM which has been introduced earlier by Thundercomm, the TurboX T55  ,has passed the certification of several global carriers such as NTT DOCOMO/ KDDI/SKT/KT/LGU+. TurboX T55, which integrates with Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem-RF system, can support both 5G Sub-6 GHz and mmWave del, as well as SA and NSA mode, with 4G/3G network competable.

In addition, the integrated GNSS receiver can support GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS with dual L1 and L5 bands which dramatically simplifies product design and provide a quicker, more accurate and reliable positioning capability. So far, TurboX T55 has offered 5G connectivity for many device vendors specializing in robotics, edge computing, laptop, mobile Wi-Fi router and CPE in Korea and Japan, leading the 5G connectivity across different industries.

About Thundercomm

Thundercomm, headquartered in San Diego, is a joint venture between ThunderSoft and Qualcomm. Thundercomm was established to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things and automotive industry, providing one-stop solutions powered by Qualcomm Technologies. Through its capabilities in operating systems including Android, Linux, and others, abroad software and on-device AI technology portfolio acquired from ThunderSoft, and a global sales and support network, Thundercomm is a valuable and trusted partner to global customers aiming to build high-quality, next-generation products and shorten time-to-commercialization. Learn more at

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