ThunderSoft Launches Cost-efficient Self-driving Domain Controller, the RazorDCX Congo
Release time:2024-04-27

The new automotive domain controller from ThunderX Auto Technology Co., Ltd, a ThunderSoft subsidiary, will accelerate the advancement of the autonomous driving industry towards advanced navigate on autopilot (NOA) and valet parking integration.

ThunderSoft Launches Cost-efficient Self-driving Domain Controller, the RazorDCX Congo插图

The RazorDCX Congo-SA8620 is suitable for the entire automotive market as a software and hardware integrated self-driving domain controller with high computing power and rich peripheral device interfaces at an economical price.

This domain controller is based on Qualcomm’s latest generation Snapdragon Ride platform (SA8620P). With a single chip computing power of 36 TOPS/80K DMIPS, it can simultaneously support basic (5V5R12USS) and advanced (7V5R12USS) configuration access and reserve multiple CAN/CAN FD interfaces. It also provides four automotive-grade Ethernet interface channels to meet the sensor access requirements of different levels of intelligent driving.

Reliable safety assurance for the user’s autonomous driving mode is provided by the RazorDCX Congo following the ASIL-D development standards and adopting advanced fail-safe and fail-operational safety architecture. It also features air-cooling support, enabling it to be deployed on gasoline and electric vehicles, enhancing the functionality of an entire automotive brand lineup.

In terms of software, RazorDCX Congo is equipped with ThunderSoft’s central computing vehicle operating system, Aqua Drive OS. Its “fully open, fully connected, and globalized” product characteristics enable the domain controller to support fast porting and deployment of AI and other automotive software algorithms.

The RazorDCX Congo also comes with profiling toolchains, data collection, software-in-loop (SIL), and hardware-in-loop (HIL) functions to meet the needs of intelligent driving development, optimization, and debugging. Additionally, thanks to ThunderSoft’s exceptional engineering capabilities with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride platform, advanced NOA and valet parking integration are significantly easier, saving time and money for automotive manufacturers.

In the future, ThunderX will continue to deepen its expertise in the field of intelligent driving domain controllers and cross-domain integration and collaborate with strategic partners from various domains such as operating systems, SoCs, intelligent manufacturing, ADAS perception, parking, and driving algorithms to deliver innovative solutions for customers worldwide.

About ThunderX

ThunderX Auto Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ThunderSoft, Qualcomm, and Luxshare Precision, is a hardware and software platform enterprise specializing in developing intelligent driving domain controllers and high-performance computing (HPC) central computers. The company provides innovative, secure, and highly decoupled domain control platforms, low-latency and high-reliability self-developed middleware software, and a complete toolchain to global intelligent automotive customers. With ThunderSoft’s technological leadership in the cockpit software field, the company integrates strategic partners from operating systems, chips, perception, intelligent manufacturing, and algorithms to create deployable intelligent driving domain controllers and cross-domain integration products, providing customers with various co-creation and full-stack flexible business service models.

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