Aqua Drive OS, the World’s First AI-native Vehicle Operating System, Debuted at Auto China 2024
Release time:2024-04-26

ThunderSoft launched Aqua Drive OS in Beijing to empower the automotive industry to embrace large language models (LLM) and accelerate the implementation of AI strategies for automakers.

Major automotive manufacturers are racing to seize AI’s opportunities and incorporate them into their products in various ways, such as entertainment, user-friendliness, and safety. As LLMs mature, there is a higher demand for computational power, leading to the accelerated adoption of high-performance chips and domain controllers.

At the same time, the electronic architecture of intelligent vehicles is undergoing a rapid transformation from traditional distributed systems to domain-integrated systems and further toward central computing architecture. This has accelerated the evolution of the software-defined vehicle, cross-domain integrated operating systems, and the birth of vehicle operating systems.

Against this backdrop, ThunderSoft has developed a new generation of AI-native vehicle operating system, Aqua Drive OS, which is designed for central computing and created from the user experience perspective. It integrates leading operating system products and technologies and is characterized by “full openness, full connectivity, and globalization.”

Full openness

Aqua Drive OS adopts an elastic building architecture that integrates multiple operating systems through virtualization technology. It supports various setups, including separate intelligent cockpits and autonomous driving or their integration in a central computing architecture. The operating system also supports a wide range of chips available on the market to flexibly meet the designs and demands of automakers with different vehicle architectures.

Full connectivity

Aqua Drive OS eliminates the traditional approach of opening apps and programmatic interactions. Instead, it employs natural language interaction to directly understand user intentions, decipher tasks, and connect all scenarios and ecosystem applications.

By transforming various ecosystem applications into central services and integrating them with the vehicle’s sensor signals, Aqua Drive OS generates multimedia information that is easily understandable to users in real time, creating an immersive and seamless interactive experience.


Aqua Drive OS integrates the global automotive industry and application ecosystems. It supports global requirements, providing flexible configurations based on vehicle models, regions, and users, and can effectively assist automakers in their expansion strategies.

“Throughout the operating system’s development, neutrality was a necessary prerequisite for industry recognition and acceptance,” said Geng Zengqiang, Co-founder of ThunderSoft. “Aqua Drive OS has always adhered to neutrality, and the code can be open-sourced to customers. In addition to open-source software, ThunderSoft’s hardware designs and solutions are also fully open to customers.”

Chang Hengsheng, CEO of ThunderSoft, stated, “Aqua Drive OS is born as a global product, adopting mainstream international architectures and technologies. It encourages cooperation with partners worldwide, continuously expanding the Aqua Drive OS ecosystem. Currently, we have established ecosystem partnerships with dozens of partners across the globe. Meanwhile, we are also strengthening cooperation with domestic partners, building a dual domestic and international ecosystem, and accelerating the global expansion of automotive manufacturers.”

As the industry’s first vehicle operating system product, ThunderSoft’s Aqua Drive OS embraces LLMs and supports multi-domain integration. It upholds the principles of openness, integration, and win-win cooperation, working with numerous partners to build a sustainable ecosystem and help customers deliver a better travel experience for global users.

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