ThunderX Released Its First Domain Control Middleware at CES2023
Release time:2023-01-06

ThunderX, a subsidiary of ThunderSoft, officially released its first domain control middleware: RazorWareX 1.0 at CES2023. Featuring on high-reliability, functional safety and compatibility, RazorWareX 1.0 is an open platform specially built for intelligent driving, and can provide a variety of services for intelligent driving applications.


Configured with a high-real-time and high-bandwidth communication backbone network between MCUs and SoCs of the domain controller, RazorWareX 1.0 can fully deploy hardware computing resources, share sensor data and provide AI algorithm with run time environment. In terms of functional safety, RazorWareX1.0 is satisfied with ASIL-D level, which means it supports FFI-Freedom from Interference for partitioning of modules at different level. Meanwhile, it can monitor the operation of modules as well as their inputs and outputs. In addition, RazorWareX 1.0 also has technical advantages such as multi-host heterogeneous, time synchronization, global scheduling, time triggering tasks, scheduling scenario switch and automatic code generation, which can reduce the system misoperation rate to 0, help clients achieve rapid transplantation across MCUs and SoCs, shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs.


Ke Tu, CEO of ThunderX said: “The release of RazorWareX1.0 is another milestone for ThunderX after our first generation domain controller: RazorDCX Takla was launched last year. In 2023, we will continue our efforts on driving the development of automotive industry through advanced technologies, products and services, and will introduce the second generation domain controller as well as first high performance computing central computer within the year.”


To explore more intelligent technologies and products presented by ThunderX, please visit the pavilion at #10963 in North Hall, LVCC, from January 5 to 8.


About ThunderX

ThunderX Auto Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: ThunderX) is a software and hardware platform enterprise invested and established by ThunderSoft, focusing on the development of intelligent driving domain controller and high performance computing (HPC) central computer. ThunderX provides innovative and highly decoupled domain control platform, self-developed middleware and complete tool chains for global smart car customers. Relying on the leading technology advantage of ThunderSoft in the cockpit software field, ThunderX integrates ecological strategic partners from operating system, chip, perception, intelligent manufacturing and algorithm field, jointly builds intelligent driving domain control and cross-domain integration products, so as to provide customers with a flexible business service mode of multi-category, co-creation and full stack.

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