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ThunderSoft’s test solutions cover various hardware and software platforms, cover the entire life development cycle of mobile devices, and effectively improve product quality.

The test solution is suitable for a variety of products, such as smartphones and tablets, supports a variety of operating systems, such as Android OS, Windows OS and Linux OS, and covers functional test, system test, application test, compatibility test, international test, user experience test, performance test, reliability test, protocol test, filed test, carrier certification and product certification.

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Special Tests
    • Communication
    • Voice test
    • Performance/Power consumption/Stability
    • Compatibility
    • Software and hardware combination
    • Image /hardware
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Automatic Test
    • Multi-terminal automatic test
    • Scenario automatic test
    • Web automatic test
    • Cloud test solution development
    • Automation tool development
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Connectivity Test
    • Multi-terminal connectivity compatibility
    • Scene oriented environment adaptation
    • Test cases
    • Test processes
    • Quality acceptance criteria
    • Access and connection performance
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Certification Test
    • xTS certification
    • IoT third-party access
    • Carlife/Carplay
    • Carrier certification pre-test
    • OpenHarmony XTS
    • Product evaluation (dimensions, indicators, processes)
Test team


Distributed in 8 cities, covering special software and hardware, automation, and certification tests;

Software Test Site

Distributed in Beijing, Nanjing, Xi’an, Tianjin, Dongguan, Shenyang, Chongqing and Chengdu. More than 1800 test engineers;

Field test

Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc. 60+ test engineers are distributed in 18+ countries.

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Special Tests
LCD&TP Sensor
Camera test
Voice test
connection performance
Power consumption test

Test the communication rules (3GPP) between communication products and base stations to ensure the realization of the functions of communication products and to check whether they meet the standards of 3GPP

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There are camera testing teams in Chongqing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Chengdu, with a scale of more than 100 people

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Automatic test

Product introduction

Support automatic test cloud management, including tasks / devices / scripts / results, and support automatic result analysis, defect submission, result tracking, and test quality analysis.

Main functions

  • Centralized management of automatic test resources (including scripts, tools, benches / devices, etc.)

  • Support distributed test and parallel test

  • Test process monitoring and real-time display of results

  • Personnel access control

  • CI/CD system docking, support pipeline test

  • Connect with the defect system to realize automatic defect analysis and submission

  • Test board supports data analysis and report, tracking and comparison of test results, and  quality analysis and report of project test/automation efficiency

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Automatic Test Management System
application strategy
  • Product reliability verification
  • Carrier inbound test

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Stability automated testing
Response time/fluency automated testing
At present, the response time/fluency is carried out by using a mechanical arm to simulate manual testing. The screen data is accurately collected through an industrial high-speed camera, and the performance of the device is perceived from a human perspective. Response time test supports segment identification, and the start point and end point can be manually adjusted. The fluency test judges the change of the comprehensive displacement as the number of frames/time goes by.
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Performance automated testing
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Vehicle to device(V2D) Third-party access certification test

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Test Capability Authentication
  • Test and problem-solving experience from Android L to R, deliver 20+ related projects a year on average
  • Project implementation experience over mobile / IoT / automotive business
  • Cooperation experience with many OEM / ODM / Carrier customers, familiar with customer test requirements and certification process
  • Test service management
  • Test process visualization
  • Test execution automation
  • Test process monitoring and exception processing alerts
  • Automatic defect analysis and report
  • Single version: Shorten the average execution time by 40%, reduce investment by 50%, and report within 2 days
  • Simultaneous testing ability: Currently, 9 test reports can be completed within 2-3 days, and 20+ test reports can be completed every week
  • Equipped with expert engineers, responsible for the pre-analysis and solution of test problems, relying on the accumulation of problem-solving experience, can quickly provide problem location and solutions
  • Accumulated problem solving experience with more than 60+ projects
  • The 110-square-meter test laboratory provides test environments such as Dedicated Network/Test Devices/GPS Signal Simulation/Camera ITS to meet test requirements and ensure accurate and reliable test results
  • Project docking management
  • Test Implementation Team
  • Problem Solving Team
  • Tool/Process Development Team
  • Quality Assurance Team
Special & Certification Laboratory
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Provide multi-scene noise environment ASR, various voice sets ASR, intelligent subtitles, voiceprint recognition, oneshot, subtitle translation, audio subjective scoring and other voice tests.

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Covering 200+ market mainstream IVI of different car brands, models, years. Providing Bluetooth compatibility, stability, response time, voice recognition, and connectivity test of mainstream software (CarPlay, CarLife, Android Auto, etc.) .

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Covers Camera Tuning, scoring, and evaluation capabilities; has complete image quality evaluation equipment, software and Camera full-stack capabilities. Provides complete camera subjective and objective test reports.

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Realize the software and hardware combination/network/certification related tests of smart terminals such as mobile phones/cars/watches, covering MTBF, memory leakage, charging and other special tests. Carry out stress tests for user scenario, and provide customized scenario-based automatic test solution.

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Equipped with a complete hardware test environment and implementation team, equipped with expert engineers, responsible for pre-analysis and resolution of test problems. Engineers have parallel test capabilities, and an information management system to monitor the test process and results.

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Covering 200+ Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, earphones, speakers, body fat scales, selfie sticks, smart bracelets, watches, etc.), providing TOP brand coverage, Bluetooth version and protocol coverage, and including special and compatibility tests covered by chip manufacturers.

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Covering 150+ routers, and all 802.11 protocols, Covering top brand devices and chip manufacturers with performance, automation, special and compatibility test.

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It can meet the parallel Camera test of 10 products, the parallel LCD&TP test of 15 products and the parallel Audio test of 6 products. 100% coverage of mobile phone/tablet/notebook product test scenarios.

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Equipped with a dedicated laboratory, shielded room, WIFI air interface packet capture tool, Bluetooth air interface tester equipment, home test environment, hundreds of WIFI routing & BT peripherals, mobile phones, streaming software Iperf, Ixchariot, automation scripts, etc. Satisfy the three major types of tests of WIFI, BT, interconnection & NFC, including four major items of function, compatibility, performance, and stability, covering various scenarios of users.

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