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Professional AI Programming Assistant

Focused on enhancing user programming efficiency and experience, providing comprehensive enterprise-grade services, supporting private deployment, and allowing integration of internal company knowledge to improve the Q&A experience.

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AI Programming, More Efficient

Through intelligent code completion and conversational code generation, reduce developers' workload and enhance programming efficiency.

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Expert Assistance, More Professional

Junior developers can generate expert-level code, saving time on learning and familiarization, and opening a new chapter in programming.

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Knowledge Accumulation, Smarter Solutions

With the continuous accumulation of enterprise knowledge, answers can become more accurate and aligned with the company's style.

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Code Generation

Rubik Studio offers a feature to generate code based on natural language descriptions. It can also automatically correct and regenerate code based on users’ continuous follow-up questions or additional requirements, thereby improving users’ programming efficiency.

Code Completion

Rubik Studio features automatic code completion, which suggests potential code snippets based on context as users type. Users can also manually trigger code completion using shortcuts, allowing them to view multiple suggestions at once and select the most suitable one for their use.

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Code Commenting

Rubik Studio provides quick access to common functions such as code commenting, code explanation, and code optimization. By selecting the target code and clicking the corresponding shortcut button, users can easily obtain the desired answers.

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