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IQ Tuning Service
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Black level Lens Shading Gamma NR MCTF Sharpness Color LDC LTM MFNR/MFSR CCM Sensor HDR Anti-banding for LED Black level Correction Color/Denoise MWB Panorama/180/360 wide angle IRIS
AE AF/PDAF AWB 3A sync for multi-camera 3rd party 3A
Algorithm Tuning
EIS HDR Super Resolution Night Shot De-noise Face Recognition
Latest Solutions
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Based NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™, the world’s most powerful AI computer for energy-efficient autonomous machines, We provide a holographic intersection solution in the field of transportation, which can analyze the type, direction and speed of intersection traffic participants, whether there is an accident or congestion in real time, to speed up the applications of traffic management or V2X collaborative scenarios.

Learn more about NVIDIA Jetson Orin >
Industrial Solutions
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Smart Factory

– Higher inspection accuracy & speed

– Shorter dev period & lower cost

– Self-learning & flexible/generic system

– Quick implementation & deployment

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Smart Building

– Complex lighting environment

– Flexible deployment

– Easy configuration

– AI Enabled Access Control

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Smart Retail

– High detection and identification accuracy

– Fast searching speed

– Large database

– Multi-dimensional analysis and display

Software Component
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Boot Time Optimization
Power Consumption Optimization

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Edge Computing

Full Stack Experience in Linux, Ubuntu, Android
Kernel and Security Patch Upgrade

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Factory Tools
Tuning/Calibration Tools

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Imaging and Graphics

Performance Tuning for Graphic Subsystem
G-streamer and plugins on Android/LE system

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AI Algorithms: Identity Management, Object Recognition
AI Services: AI Model Training, Platform Benchmarking

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Dual OS and Cloud Phone
Digitalization of Assets

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Microservice and Buffering Design

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Multi camera concurrency and 2A (AE/AWB) sync
Deep Customization of the Camera Driver

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Performance & Power

Performance Balance
Smaller Memory Footprint

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