Intelligent Visual Defect Detection Solution

Accelerate digital transformation in manufacturing with an AIoT turnkey platform.

ThunderSoft provides an integrated solution for visual defect detection on various production lines. The solution is based on a turnkey platform that shortens the implementation period to a minimum of 2 weeks. It adopts industry vision technology, featuring automated labeling and simplified training to deliver a customized inspection solution quickly, improving detection efficiency, and reducing the missing rate.

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Solution Values


Well designed CV & AI algorithms with automated labelling and friendly UI for model training


Fast classification with high accuracy and good stability


Higher detection accuracy with less time consuming

Solution Features

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Model Training System

Can reduce the complex operation of model training configuration, improve the visual management of model training process, and solve the management of various versions of model training results and diversified management of training sample set

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Inferencing System

Provides scalable dynamic product management and code management, meets GPU dynamic allocation of reasoning tasks, and supports real-time viewing and one click export of reasoning result analysis statistical report

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Data Cleaning & Iteration

Can support the data Iterative cleaning process of new products fast online, reduce the labor cost through automatic data cleaning, and the rolling data cleaning can quickly improve the accuracy of training set

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OP Certification

The certification of high-quality and high-level operators can improve the accuracy of grading artificial defects and improve the yield of products. After the popularization of new defects and new definitions, operators' mastery can be quickly assessed

Platform Architecture

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Platform Features


Flexibility & Agility

• Use solution template to search appropriate solution and build a new product in a shortened time period.



• Use low code app editor to build a new application and use turnkey solution to generate SDK for mass production.



• Create, save and reuse customized and general solution template to faster duplicate current solution for a new product class.


Ease of Use

• User-friendly interface will reduce the study cost and customer service team scope.


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