Smart Phone Differentiation Solution

Product differentiation is required to improve an OEMs’ competitiveness in the mobile industry. ThunderSoft provides complete differentiated solutions for smart phone, tablet and wearable devices. These solutions cover driver adaptation, special component development, OS tailoring, power and performance optimization, multi-mode supporting, customized ROM, etc. With the solution, a highly customized wearable-OS meets the unique wearable requirements of low power consumption, minimum memory footprint and a high connectivity capability.

Diversified Smart Phone Products
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Specific structured mobile devices: YotaPhone with “Elink” double screens; Hardware modulized flip Fairphone with full Qwerty keyboard
Specific-structured mobile devices require dedicate enhancement and customization in hardware drivers, framework and applications to adapt to unique requirement and design. For example, Fairphone, the first hardware modularized phone. As software provider, Thundersoft contributes amount of efforts on hardware adaptation and system optimization.
Industry specific mobile devices:iDEN based mobile devices for private network; GSM-R based Android smart phones for railway specific network
With an additional dedicated modem, Thundersoft defined dual-SIM dual-standby solution to provide highly customized mobile devices. The system is elaborately optimized and can meet demanding requirements from specific industries.
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Diversified Tablets: Smart Telephone, PND
Customized ROM system can adapt to any special hardware modules and dedicated scenarios. Based on this carefully optimized system, devices can keep running without freeze faults.
Wearable Devices: Smart watch, Wearable projector
Thundersoft wearable solution is Android based. Thundersoft tailors Android OS to meet minimum-memory and low power consumption requirements. In this solution, Thundersoft defines WCS (Wearable Connect Service) to link wearable devices with Android or iOS based mobile devices. Thundersoft offers UI design and specific application development.
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Key Technology for Differentiation
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Performance Optimization
Improving performance from OS level to reduce boot-up time and enhance user experience with fluent UI operations
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Camera Turn-key Solution
The solution covers kernel driver adaptation, image quality optimization, camera related development and dozens algorithms to improve final capturing experience
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Power Saving Solution
Automatically identifies the applications to better balance power consumption and user experience
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Kernel Driver Adaptation
Based on customized hardware platform, integrate and tune kernel drivers to guarantee integrity of hardware platform and peripherals devices
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Multi-Windows Solution
Enable multi-task capability for tablet or IVI system, support splitting screen and floating windows
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Small RAM Solution
Dedicated solution for constrained devices to enable Android OS under 512M RAM environment
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System Tailoring Service
Enable Android OS / Linux OS with elaborate tailoring for limited storage devices, e.g. wearable
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Customized ROM Service
Deliver privilege experience with detailed optimization and dedicated design for highly customized Android based OS
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Multi-Mode & Multi-SIM Solution
Support multiple digital telephony technologies, e.g. TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, with dual-SIM dual-standby mode or dual-SIM single standby mode.
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