Internally, connect the whole vehicle to realize excellent interaction between the cockpit domain and other parts. Externally, it acts as an SOA gateway to link the cloud and smart devices.

A cross-OS standard
The platform supports the mainstream vehicle-mounted OS, including QNX. Linux and Android, and has brokenthrough the service communication among each heterogeneous system, including Android.
A cross-equipment standard platform
A set of cross-domain and cross-system equipment development SDK is provided to break through the service communication among each equipment so that every Smart peripheral device can thoroughly achieve "plug-and-play", thus making the construction of Smart peripheral ecological group possible.
A standard platform supporting car cloud integration
The cloud platform can integrate the cloud terminal service through DW integration to ensure bidirectional dynamic service invocation with the car terminal integrating DW and achieve the integration of cloud-pipe-device and car cloud.
An easy-to-use standard platform
ServiceBase class is provided so that developers can rapidly generate framework code and start the research and development of valuable software IP, greatly saving time and labor cost.
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