Technology as the core competence
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operating system kernel

The operating system is the foundation of smart devices and services, and the kernel is the backbone of the operating system. Through the analysis, tuning and verification of the kernel code, the general operating system can release performance and improve stability for various special fields such as automobiles, Internet of Things terminals, wearable devices, and edge boxes.

  • Unified frequency tuning of processes
  • RTG Scheduling/Frame Scheduling
  • Memory Quick Kill Solution
  • VIP Scheduling/Queue Jumping
  • Precise memory read-ahead
  • IO control
  • Frontend Binder priority processing
  • Memory fusion management
  • TCP network downlink optimization
  • boost_kill tied large core
  • ION pre-allocation
  • Limit network speed for background apps
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OS optimization

The operating system not only provides low-level functions, but also has a large number of services for applications, including HAL, permissions, middleware, etc. In different application environments, there are different functional performance requirements. Thundersoft continues to optimize Linux, Android and other operating systems, including drivers, security, power consumption, multimedia, network, etc., so that they can play the best role in various terminals.

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Unified frequency tuning of processes
Core Technology插图4
Low Power Technology
Core Technology插图5
System/Camera Quick Start
Core Technology插图6
Graphics, multimedia performance optimization
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Whether it is cloud, edge or terminal, intelligent perception and algorithms, autonomous decision-making, and proactive services will be ubiquitous. Compatibility of AI technology with operating system and hardware system is the key for Thundersoft to help customers achieve innovation. Based on the operating system, with the help of chip computing power, AI is endowed to the terminal. Then continue to improve the ability of AI, build a tool chain and algorithm model development platform from the edge to the cloud, to meet the needs of various industries for intelligent business, and prepare for rapid digital transformation.

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AI algorithm
Core Technology插图9
AI model development platform
Core Technology插图10

ThunderSoft made an early layout for 5G technology and established a special laboratory to research and develop protocols, interfaces and applications. Cooperate extensively with 5G chip manufacturers and operators to jointly promote software and hardware solutions. So far, ThunderSoft has formed a 5G technology matrix, including modules, terminal customization, certification testing, and complete solutions for smart terminals, Internet of Vehicles and smart IoT.

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5G module
Core Technology插图12
5G Slicing Applications
Core Technology插图13
5G Carrier Certification
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Edge Computing

ThunderSoft has long-term technical accumulation in the field of smart terminals and IOT, and has a better understanding of the data generation process and response methods of smart camera, robots, wearable and XR devices. Close to the end side to optimize data preprocessing on the end side, so that the end side has a higher response speed, and can perform software distribution, device OTA and other operations. ThunderSoft has developed a unified IOT operating system interface, with the goal of enabling edge devices and IOT smart nodes to have a consistent architecture to achieve more efficient collaboration. ThunderSoft develops edge management technology, allowing customers to independently create, deploy, operate, monitor, maintain and expand business logic and analysis applications. In addition, ThunderSoft integrates 5G technology, AI algorithms, operating system security and other technologies into the edge, allowing businesses to maintain secure connections and fast response anywhere, even on the move.

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Smart Driving

In the field of smart cars, ThunderSoft has gradually developed from the cockpit domain to the whole vehicle domain. It is ahead of the industry in developing SOA-based vehicle-specification operating systems, and combines the computing power of each chip platform with hybrid cloud/DevOps to form an integrated software and hardware platform for intelligent driving. At the same time, ThunderSoft continues to develop AI vision technology for vehicles, and realizes it at the domain control level, and applies it in the field of low-speed intelligent driving (AVM/DMS/DVR, etc.). Highly reusable SDK and system architecture, quickly realize the development and launch of new models.

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Low-speed intelligent driving
Core Technology插图17
domain control platform
Core Technology插图18
Intelligent vision

Camera image adjustment optimization and visual algorithm technology are not only the mass production steps and core selling points that mobile phone manufacturers must carry out, but also important pre-technology for smart driving, edge computing, and smart Internet of Things industries. To this end, ThunderSoft has established a number of professional intelligent vision laboratories, developed a complete tool chain, and accumulated a large amount of mass production data and team experience. These tuning technologies and algorithms have a clear effect on improving the speed of product development and testing for mobile phone manufacturers; for car surround view and autonomous driving: robotics and IoT visual intelligence.

Core Technology插图20

High-efficiency 3D engine, on a variety of operating systems, showing real-time physical material rendering, and well integrated with Android native applications. The complete tool chain reshape the design and development process of HMI, and the development of 3D image interface saves 60% of the time compared with traditional solutions. It is not only widely used in the cockpit field of smart cars, but also provides digital display solutions for the smart Internet of Things.

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software tools

Centering on the operating system, ThunderSoft provides various software tools in the whole process of product and project implementation in terms of hardware, software and application scenarios. These tools encapsulate functions and introduce them into the customer's actual environment to meet a series of requirements for development, testing, production, and deployment. Through the graphical interface, distributed structure, AI algorithm and the interface for iterative development, solve the problems faced by customers in innovation.

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With the specialization of chips and the development of chip computing capabilities, as well as the popularization of 5G communication technology, the computing power of chips inside computing devices is constantly merging, and the end-edge cloud computing platforms are constantly merging, which continues to happen. The new trend puts forward more demands on the virtualization of the operating system. In-vehicle scenarios need to provide different virtualization systems based on the chip hypervisor for use in different computing scenarios: cloud gaming scenarios need to virtualize the Android operating system, peripherals It is virtualized with sensors and managed based on Docker. Based on the accumulation of operating system virtualization and continuously improving the performance and stability of virtualization technology, ThunderSoft uses virtualization technology and services to help customers make fuller and more flexible use of hardware computing power.

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