Product Overview

At the MWC Shanghai 2023, ThunderSoft successfully deployed the RUBIK Large Language model on the TurboX C8550 SOM, unveiling its flagship integrated large language model intelligent handling robot solution.

Empowered by the large language model, the robot achieved more natural language interaction, better comprehension of human commands, and heightened efficiency in processing edge-side data, resulting in reduced response latency. Through natural language, people can interact with the intelligent material handling robot, issue service instructions, and the robot will fulfill requests such as fetching drinks or food, enhancing the overall user experience.

Intelligent Handling Robot with Integrated Large Language Models插图1
ThunderSoft Provides
  • With the assistance of the RUBIK Large Language Model, communication between humans and robots becomes more efficient and natural, eliminating the need for specific task coding.
  • The RUBIK Large Language Model possesses a vast parameter base, abundant training data, and a complex neural network structure, enabling accurate comprehension of various languages.
  • The RUBIK Large Language Model can process tasks at the edge with nearly zero latency response efficiency, thereby providing users with an enhanced experience.
In the future, we will collaborate with more partners in the robotics field to jointly define the next generation of robot solutions.
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