Beijing, May 14th – ThunderSoft has released Kanzi for MCUs, a solution based on their subsidiary Rightware’s core product and ThunderSoft’s understanding of vehicle software technology. It supports the design and development of high-performance 2D/2.5D graphics rendering on low-cost, low-power embedded microcontroller units (MCUs), which can significantly reduce human-machine interface (HMI) development costs and project time.

The intelligent cockpit has created a better user experience for automotive drivers and passengers through impressive visuals and immersive interaction. The number of screens found in a cockpit has also increased. Together, these have resulted in higher hardware and development costs and so ThunderSoft has released the Kanzi for MCUs solution.

(Kanzi for MCUs on Infineon)

Based on Arm Cortex-M cores, Kanzi for MCUs can be ported and customized for microcontroller unit platforms and has been successfully adapted for the Infineon Traveo II and Renesas RH850 platforms. The result is car manufacturers using the Kanzi toolchain can bring their user interface (UI) assets and existing system-on-chip capabilities to an MCU.

Kanzi for MUCs can deliver unified HMI interfaces and functionality across different vehicle models and platforms while reducing the bill of materials, improving development efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and reducing time to market.

The solution can be applied to various cockpit scenarios, including but not limited to in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), HVAC, armrest screens, head-up displays (HUD), and smart keys.

Technical highlights:

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